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Maximum Profits with Article Marketing

Article marketing does work for generating affiliate revenues and ad revenues if done right and agressively.

If you are not familiar with article marketing it goes like this.

a) Take a niche subject. Anything.. medical, make money, life style, hobbies, etc.
b) Build a website with ads or a pitch for an affiliate marketed product.
c) Write and submit articles to one or more article directories with keywords and phrases which describe your product or ad.
d) Include a link to your sales page in your author bio box at the bottom of the article.

After a certain amount of time and the right number of articles with the correct keyword phrases, a marketer can get enough traffic to their website and earn some decent affiliate revenue.

So how can you make the most from your article marketing. In short (I have an ebook coming with more details) here goes.

There are three types of article marketing.

1) Related articles directed to landing page comprised only of ads with a high potential payout.

How does it work

Suppose you have this parked domain with some standard parking ads.

You login to your article directory and write ten articles about alternative energy, green energy and energy conservation. The bio box points to that parked domain page. Your plan is that a certain number of visitors (1-3%) will click an ad and you make a some money every day.

Effectiveness? So so. Most people are immune to parked pages and don't click on ads that much.

2) Related articles to a sales landing page for an affiliate marketed product.

How does it work

You pick an product with an affiliate marketing program. Generally, most marketers like digital products like those found at Clickbank.

You design a sales landing page, like this one, for your digital product.

You login into your article directory and write ten articles related to debt, debt management and getting out of debt. The bio box points readers back to your sales page. Your plan is that a certain number (2%) will purchase the product because that is how they found your articles while they looked for a way to get out of debt.

Effectiveness? This is one of the more popular uses of article marketing to make some money over a 30-90 day period and is the focus of "Bum Marketing".

3) Landing page with affiliate marketing products as well as ads and other forms of revenue generating content.

You follow the steps for formula 2, but you also include ads like Google ads on your page and ads for other products your visitors may be interested in.

For instance, not only do you have a pitch for your debt guide, but you also have an ad for a low interest credit card with incentives to transfer balances. Makes sense? And your content ads, like Adsense, will also provide related ads to debt and debt reduction. Even if a visitor does not purchase your debt guide, they might click on an ad. If you are not doing this you are leaving money on the table.

Effectiveness? This is the most profitable plan I use. However, I do more than article marketing and I will give you some more information on how I do that later.

Have fun making money!

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