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Needmoney? Google Conquest is live and expensive!

I am sure you have heard the news.. Google Conquest is live.

Conquest from Alex Goad sounds like a good product.

It is a complete turnkey niche business in a box focused on review sites and CPA ads. Goad hosts your websites on his servers and helps you build your entire online empire.

Google Conquest sounds as impressive as Goad is.

However, the pricing is impressive as well - $997.00 to join! That stopped me there before I went on to check for recurring pricing as part of the package.

Also, Google Conquest is only open to 1000 members. So the scarcity sale tactic will have the doors on Conquest closing later today if they have not already.


You cannot afford Google Conquest...
Could not buy in before it closed..
And are looking for a way to make some money online for the first time...

Might I suggest you take a look at Google Revenge?

I purchased this product of the low price of $37.00 - why that's $960.00 less than Conquest! And Revenge is working for me.

Revenge helps first time and intermediate affiliate marketers of ANY product, digital or real, build quality AdWords ads, effective landing pages and SALES. Maybe the first sales an affiliate marketer has completed!

Check out Google Revenge and let me know what you think. By the way, you can still get the $10.00 discount by visiting the Google Revenge webpage and coming back to NeedMoney Blog. $10 off just like that.

And that is a real Conquest and over 900 bux cheaper!

Check it out..

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