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Needmoney? Google Ambush Review and Discount!

Google Ambush is live!

Big deal.

Actually, think again. I usually only recommend one or two products a year and this is one of them. So please read every word, click the link and read the sales page and then take advantage of my great offer!

Google Ambush allows new internet marketers and seasoned veterans not only the ability to create sales campaigns but HIJACK other sales campaigns as well. Crafty stuff here!

Once you sign up for Google Ambush, you will be directed to the membership site. There are several key components to learn.

Product Finder
Search a number of digital products (ebooks and guides) with several parameters. You can leave the keyword field open and search by gravity (if you are familiar with Clickbank you should know what this means), Popularity and Product type. I left all the fields open and found digital products and niches I NEVER KNEW EXISTED!

Keyword Finder
After you select your product, use this tool to find keywords for your marketing list. Take a choice of different search engines however it is limited to Google right now. ASK and META TAGS are coming soon.

Campaign Loader
After you have your product and your keywords, build a campaign. If you are familiar with Adwords then this is a no-brainer.

Landing Page Generator
This is a cool feature, especially for those new to internet marketing. Fill in the fields on this special page builder, click a button and BAM! You have a landing page!

Use this nifty tool to track your conversions on Clickbank.

All this a series of videos to help you get started and successful!

Google Ambush rocks!

But wait, before you click this link and check out Google Ambush, please be aware of my special needmoneyblog trial price discount!

Please visit Google Ambush here! Remember it will only work from this link! After the page opens, to to the navigation field on your browser and enter this URL -

Hit return.

Boom! A window will open and offer a special $4.95 intro price for my needmoneyblog friends! That is a $62.00 discount off the normal price! It is a trial offer so quick, get to that link now!

So what do you think?

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