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Google Ambush or Google Revenge? Which is right for you?


Fortunately, I bought both, used both and have the answer for you!

GOOGLE REVENGE is a great product if you are new to internet marketing and are stumped by landing pages, building an opt-in email list and how to get those big affiliate product checks everyone shows on their squeeze pages.

First, selling digital products like those from Clickbank is great, but unless you are happy with one measly sale a month, you are never going to get into the big leagues.

The secret is to build a large opt-in email list and to have subscribers who actually want to buy products from you. GOOGLE REVENGE shows you how.

Next, GOOGLE REVENGE shows you how to build effective landing pages which lead to more sales.

GOOGLE REVENGE will show you how to bond with your buyers which results in a real relationship for big sales!

GOOGLE REVENGE is a neat and original product.

Now, GOOGLE AMBUSH is a different bird altogether. Rather than an e-book, GOOGLE AMBUSH is actually a website with a set of tools for building successful internet campaigns.

First, GOOGLE AMBUSH helps you select great digital products from 1000's you can resell for big internet commissions.

Next, GOOGLE AMBUSH helps you design and build a campaign using AdWords to market the selected digital product.

Best of all, GOOGLE AMBUSH has a nifty tool for designing a landing page to attract sales organically even if you don't use PPC like AdWords! Neat!

And GOOGLE AMBUSH tracks and split tests your efforts. No need to duplicate content or spend hours wondering, "What if?". GOOGLE AMBUSH does the work for you!

GOOGLE AMBUSH is great for the seasoned pro or the curious novice.

I like both products so much, to paraphrase, I bought them both?

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