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Needmoney? Google Conquest is live and expensive!

I am sure you have heard the news.. Google Conquest is live.

Conquest from Alex Goad sounds like a good product.

It is a complete turnkey niche business in a box focused on review sites and CPA ads. Goad hosts your websites on his servers and helps you build your entire online empire.

Google Conquest sounds as impressive as Goad is.

However, the pricing is impressive as well - $997.00 to join! That stopped me there before I went on to check for recurring pricing as part of the package.

Also, Google Conquest is only open to 1000 members. So the scarcity sale tactic will have the doors on Conquest closing later today if they have not already.


You cannot afford Google Conquest...
Could not buy in before it closed..
And are looking for a way to make some money online for the first time...

Might I suggest you take a look at Google Revenge?

I purchased this product of the low price of $37.00 - why that's $960.00 less than Conquest! And Revenge is working for me.

Revenge helps first time and intermediate affiliate marketers of ANY product, digital or real, build quality AdWords ads, effective landing pages and SALES. Maybe the first sales an affiliate marketer has completed!

Check out Google Revenge and let me know what you think. By the way, you can still get the $10.00 discount by visiting the Google Revenge webpage and coming back to NeedMoney Blog. $10 off just like that.

And that is a real Conquest and over 900 bux cheaper!

Check it out..


Google Ambush or Google Revenge? Which is right for you?


Fortunately, I bought both, used both and have the answer for you!

GOOGLE REVENGE is a great product if you are new to internet marketing and are stumped by landing pages, building an opt-in email list and how to get those big affiliate product checks everyone shows on their squeeze pages.

First, selling digital products like those from Clickbank is great, but unless you are happy with one measly sale a month, you are never going to get into the big leagues.

The secret is to build a large opt-in email list and to have subscribers who actually want to buy products from you. GOOGLE REVENGE shows you how.

Next, GOOGLE REVENGE shows you how to build effective landing pages which lead to more sales.

GOOGLE REVENGE will show you how to bond with your buyers which results in a real relationship for big sales!

GOOGLE REVENGE is a neat and original product.

Now, GOOGLE AMBUSH is a different bird altogether. Rather than an e-book, GOOGLE AMBUSH is actually a website with a set of tools for building successful internet campaigns.

First, GOOGLE AMBUSH helps you select great digital products from 1000's you can resell for big internet commissions.

Next, GOOGLE AMBUSH helps you design and build a campaign using AdWords to market the selected digital product.

Best of all, GOOGLE AMBUSH has a nifty tool for designing a landing page to attract sales organically even if you don't use PPC like AdWords! Neat!

And GOOGLE AMBUSH tracks and split tests your efforts. No need to duplicate content or spend hours wondering, "What if?". GOOGLE AMBUSH does the work for you!

GOOGLE AMBUSH is great for the seasoned pro or the curious novice.

I like both products so much, to paraphrase, I bought them both?

Remember, if you buy either GOOGLE AMBUSH or GOOGLE REVENGE you get a discount through NeedMoney Blog!

Simply visit each site, click back to NeedMoneyBlog and BAM! You get a quick discount on either product!



NeedMoney: Google Revenge

So this is the newest product. I just picked it up to see what all the hullabaloo is about.

I have a feeling it is going to be so-so. Don't worry, I gambled MY $37.00 so you did not have too.

$37.00? "I thought it was $47.00?" says a befuddled NeedMoneyBlog reader.

Sure, for everyone else, but not for MY readers.

Click on my link above or here.

Go visit the sales page for Google Revenge.

Then leave.

That's it.


Then the nice operator will give you the super secret no questions asked NeedMoneyBlog discount.

Try it and see.

Then get back to me and let's compare notes on Google Revenge.

See ya!



Only one word I can say right now until November 18th at 12PM - REVENGE.

It's coming.....


Needmoney? Google Ambush Review and Discount!

Google Ambush is live!

Big deal.

Actually, think again. I usually only recommend one or two products a year and this is one of them. So please read every word, click the link and read the sales page and then take advantage of my great offer!

Google Ambush allows new internet marketers and seasoned veterans not only the ability to create sales campaigns but HIJACK other sales campaigns as well. Crafty stuff here!

Once you sign up for Google Ambush, you will be directed to the membership site. There are several key components to learn.

Product Finder
Search a number of digital products (ebooks and guides) with several parameters. You can leave the keyword field open and search by gravity (if you are familiar with Clickbank you should know what this means), Popularity and Product type. I left all the fields open and found digital products and niches I NEVER KNEW EXISTED!

Keyword Finder
After you select your product, use this tool to find keywords for your marketing list. Take a choice of different search engines however it is limited to Google right now. ASK and META TAGS are coming soon.

Campaign Loader
After you have your product and your keywords, build a campaign. If you are familiar with Adwords then this is a no-brainer.

Landing Page Generator
This is a cool feature, especially for those new to internet marketing. Fill in the fields on this special page builder, click a button and BAM! You have a landing page!

Use this nifty tool to track your conversions on Clickbank.

All this a series of videos to help you get started and successful!

Google Ambush rocks!

But wait, before you click this link and check out Google Ambush, please be aware of my special needmoneyblog trial price discount!

Please visit Google Ambush here! Remember it will only work from this link! After the page opens, to to the navigation field on your browser and enter this URL -

Hit return.

Boom! A window will open and offer a special $4.95 intro price for my needmoneyblog friends! That is a $62.00 discount off the normal price! It is a trial offer so quick, get to that link now!

So what do you think?

Leave a comment or click below!


Needmoney: Google Ambush is live!

Still needmoney? Steven Lee Jones has a spanking new product Google AmBush which is worth checking out.

Click here and get the 4.95 limited time Google Ambush discounted trial price! See below for more details!

Forget the big hype $50,000.00 A MONTH and focus on the 50-100.00 a day improvement on your Clickbank earnings. That is where the real money is. If you have been trying to sell one or two CB products a day, then Google AmBush may be what you need to get over the top.

Don't forget! Click here and get the discounted limited time only needmoneyblog special $4.95 price!

How? Click this link to the Google Ambush site using the special needmonyblog discounted link! Once on the page, navigate back (left arrow button on your browser) to needmoneyblog. Wait! A special box and discounted price of only $4.95 appears! That's right - $67.00 to 4.95. Click and get it!

Check it out and let me know what you think, kay?

Tell me what you think!

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