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Need Money: Adding up the numbers

24 domain names.
27 blogs.
12 Squidoo Lenses.
4 Hubpages
160 memberships to social networks
234 articles written and counting.

And every week I add one more domain, 2-3 blogs, another lens and write another 10-30 articles.

OK, so does it add up?

Here is the "freeprint" to making some money on the internet.

First, get some ideas or niches on what you want to write about. Writing is the name of the game here.

Don't bother writing about things that don't make money like flying saucers or your Aunt Milly. Nobody pays anything for something that is not worth money to them in the first place!

Second, don't start with products from Clickbank. My own advice is the market is saturated with people getting started selling links to ebooks from Clickbank.

Rather I would start with other affiliate products - there are lots on Commission Junction for instance.

For topics, avoid those like "make money!" or "turn your computer into an ATM" and concentrate on real topics with potentially big money.

Let me describe how I do this day in and day out.

First, I find some niche topics. I usually focus on anything having to do with the financial industry, medical, legal, or certain industries which have a large, competitive internet presence.

Then I do keyword research with AdWords keyword tool. Sure there are products out there everyone else promotes, but they are not F-R-E-E.

Then I build a list of key words with the highest advertising costs per click. Generally I have a cut off of $5.00 per click or more.

I use my highest keyword paying per click phrases and words to start building blogs. I don't care what they say, I use blogger to build 4 or 5 blogs fast. All have three sets of AdSense ads and at least one search box.

Next, I build a Squidoo lens for each blog. I write a detailed and real lens which covers as much information as that keyword allows.

Then I take my low paying keywords (those that cost .05 to .90, but have a medium search engine presence, say 200-1000 searches a day, and start writing articles for each of those keywords or phrases. I generally will post those articles to ezinearticles and searchwarp.

One set of articles points to the lens, the other to the blog.

Then I register the best keyword phrase I can find which has the highest per click cost. That part gets interesting sometimes, but it can be done.

On this domain I put up a Wordpress blog. I point links from all the lenses and blogs back to this site. On this site I promote my affiliate product.

I move these things around based upon traffic and then spend the rest of the week adding each site to social networks and directories.

On the following Monday, I start over again.

The numbers..

For a typical keyword search, I will build a list of 100 or so keywords, less if I can do it.

I pick the top five CPC keywords and build blogger sites based upon those five keyword phrases only.

I build five lenses for the five keywords.

I write 10 articles using low cost CPC keywords for each blog and lens and mix them between two article directories.

Even if I do not see any affiliate products, I shoot for AdSense clicks with enough traffic. Medical and legal terms frequently pay enough per single click to pay for the entire hosting and domain for one month. Even with a very realistic 1% CTR, I can generally get 5-10 clicks a month with very little work.

With article marketing, I pull in at least $30-40 a month in Adsense earnings per site per month. Add it up and it is not bad recurring revenue.

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