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NeedMoney? Avoid Google SEO Supervisor!

Updated: March 2009 (originally posted July 2008)

By now, you may have seen a number of referrals to buy a product called Google SEO Supervisor. What is interesting about this product, is whoever created it is heavily marketing it on sites which cater to people looking to "make money" or "need money" which is how I came across it.

(Google the term yourself. I don't want to promote anyone's referral link here.)

What's more, is some pay day loan companies are marketing it to their customers as a way to "get more money online!". Interesting.

Google SEO Supervisor is marketed as a home business kit. I am sure it is a series of e-books, videos and an online forum or website or something.

There a bunch of offers selling the Supervisor product for 4.95 or less. But read the small print... (this is important!)..

"Monthly Service fees will commence 14 days from the date of this purchase, and will be billed monthly thereafter. After the 14 day trial you will be billed $59.90 monthly for the continued service of the website, website software and for the membership...:

There are a number of monthly recurring products available out there. Google Nemesis is $67.00 a month and the creator makes no secret about it.

The makers of Google SEO Supervisor are free to charge whatever they can for their product. I wish they would be a bit more upfront about it. But it remains the purchaser's decision to be aware of what they are getting themselves into when they push the "Enter" key.


Update: Since writing this post, I have an update on Google Supervisor.

Google Supervisor is another product about how to market things with AdWords pay per click advertising program. It is often called "The Google Home Business Kit".

On the "Buy Now Page", check out the Terms and Conditions below the sign up form. The pricing varies for the 7 Day Trial, either 2.95 to 4.95 to start. However, the monthly "membership" still comes in at 59.99 a month!!!

There are plenty of free packages which describe how to make money with AdWords PPC and affiliate marketing and other products which are a reasonable one time charge of $27 or 47.

Google Supervisor or The Google Home Business Kit sounds like a money leaching scam to me. Further, I have yet to read an unbiased positive review of the product backed by proof that Google Supervisor has made money for a customer. Buy Google Supervisor at your own risk.

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