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NeedMoney! Article marketing and ad sense

Look, I don't care what you are trying to do online, there is only one tried and true method for making recurring revenue - Traffic.

If you have a blog with little ad sense ads, you need lots of traffic to make those clicks add up.

If you have a website promoting an affiliate marketing product, you have to get as many eyes as possible looking at your website to make some sales.

Getting traffic can be done a variety of ways:

- Organic search engine. Keywords + search terms + low competition.
- Paying for it.
- Backlinks from other sites.
- Mentions on other sites, in print or other media.
- Marketing in creative ways including Web 2./Social Networking.

OK. So what is this article marketing thing? Articles are the lifeblood of the internet. Every web site needs content or they die. Many sites use free articles on their website. When a webmaster needs articles, they visit one of the thousands of article directories and download a bunch of articles. The promise is when they publish the articles on their website, they will include the author's bio. That bio should include a link back to the author's website.

So your mission is to write articles on popular subjects which will get on lots of other websites. And hopefully generate plenty of backlinks to your blog or website which increases your search engine visibility. And that will increase your ad sense earnings.

But wait there's more.

Writing lots of articles using keywords on niche subjects creates multiple items which turn up in searches for your subject. So the more articles you write with your backlink, the better the chances you have to get your blog or website listed on the front pages of Google and other search engines.

The key is also to pick top article directories to publish on. Some directories have a low Google Page Rank (PR) and that will not translate better for you. Others have top rankings and pass that love on to your site.

On a future post, I will list some article directories I use for increasing my traffic to my sites and thus, my Ad Sense earnings.

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