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Google Nemesis is STILL coming

I wrote this post the other day about Google Nemesis, yes the new product by Chris "Day Job Killer", "Affilate Project X" and my favorite, "Google Assassin".

Now NeedMoneyBlog is running in the first page for search results for several key words associated with Google Nemesis. In fact, checking my stats, I show several searchers ended up on NeedMoneyBlog over the weekend because of Google Nemesis.

It would be nice to be paid for that sort of love.

So I shot an email to Chris thinking he might throw me an affiliate link for all of my fine efforts. What did I get?

An autoresponder asking me to file a support ticket.

No thanks. It is sort of like when you call your credit card company or bank and they say "you can also get help from our automated account line" like that is some sort of treat or something. Nope, it's not.

So in 18 hours, 4 minutes and 8 seconds or whenever Google Nemesis goes on sale, all of my fine pre-sale work will get me nothing.

But hey, maybe that's why I always need money!

Here is Google Nemesis in case you were curious about all the hub bub.

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