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NeedMoney! Article marketing and ad sense

Look, I don't care what you are trying to do online, there is only one tried and true method for making recurring revenue - Traffic.

If you have a blog with little ad sense ads, you need lots of traffic to make those clicks add up.

If you have a website promoting an affiliate marketing product, you have to get as many eyes as possible looking at your website to make some sales.

Getting traffic can be done a variety of ways:

- Organic search engine. Keywords + search terms + low competition.
- Paying for it.
- Backlinks from other sites.
- Mentions on other sites, in print or other media.
- Marketing in creative ways including Web 2./Social Networking.

OK. So what is this article marketing thing? Articles are the lifeblood of the internet. Every web site needs content or they die. Many sites use free articles on their website. When a webmaster needs articles, they visit one of the thousands of article directories and download a bunch of articles. The promise is when they publish the articles on their website, they will include the author's bio. That bio should include a link back to the author's website.

So your mission is to write articles on popular subjects which will get on lots of other websites. And hopefully generate plenty of backlinks to your blog or website which increases your search engine visibility. And that will increase your ad sense earnings.

But wait there's more.

Writing lots of articles using keywords on niche subjects creates multiple items which turn up in searches for your subject. So the more articles you write with your backlink, the better the chances you have to get your blog or website listed on the front pages of Google and other search engines.

The key is also to pick top article directories to publish on. Some directories have a low Google Page Rank (PR) and that will not translate better for you. Others have top rankings and pass that love on to your site.

On a future post, I will list some article directories I use for increasing my traffic to my sites and thus, my Ad Sense earnings.


Honest Google Nemesis review - Not mine! Update!

Check out Eric's honest review of Google Nemesis here.

Yep, I left a comment there as well. Guess which one is mine.

But hey, I like most of everything else Chris has produced (AdWords Miracle, Day Job Killer, etc) and think the tools for Assassin were a lot of fun as well. I still use them in fact.

Monday update! Guess what? Eric returned his copy of Google Nemesis today! Hmmm.. that should tell you something! OR does it?


NeedMoney? Avoid Google SEO Supervisor!

Updated: March 2009 (originally posted July 2008)

By now, you may have seen a number of referrals to buy a product called Google SEO Supervisor. What is interesting about this product, is whoever created it is heavily marketing it on sites which cater to people looking to "make money" or "need money" which is how I came across it.

(Google the term yourself. I don't want to promote anyone's referral link here.)

What's more, is some pay day loan companies are marketing it to their customers as a way to "get more money online!". Interesting.

Google SEO Supervisor is marketed as a home business kit. I am sure it is a series of e-books, videos and an online forum or website or something.

There a bunch of offers selling the Supervisor product for 4.95 or less. But read the small print... (this is important!)..

"Monthly Service fees will commence 14 days from the date of this purchase, and will be billed monthly thereafter. After the 14 day trial you will be billed $59.90 monthly for the continued service of the website, website software and for the membership...:

There are a number of monthly recurring products available out there. Google Nemesis is $67.00 a month and the creator makes no secret about it.

The makers of Google SEO Supervisor are free to charge whatever they can for their product. I wish they would be a bit more upfront about it. But it remains the purchaser's decision to be aware of what they are getting themselves into when they push the "Enter" key.


Update: Since writing this post, I have an update on Google Supervisor.

Google Supervisor is another product about how to market things with AdWords pay per click advertising program. It is often called "The Google Home Business Kit".

On the "Buy Now Page", check out the Terms and Conditions below the sign up form. The pricing varies for the 7 Day Trial, either 2.95 to 4.95 to start. However, the monthly "membership" still comes in at 59.99 a month!!!

There are plenty of free packages which describe how to make money with AdWords PPC and affiliate marketing and other products which are a reasonable one time charge of $27 or 47.

Google Supervisor or The Google Home Business Kit sounds like a money leaching scam to me. Further, I have yet to read an unbiased positive review of the product backed by proof that Google Supervisor has made money for a customer. Buy Google Supervisor at your own risk.


Google Nemesis is STILL coming

I wrote this post the other day about Google Nemesis, yes the new product by Chris "Day Job Killer", "Affilate Project X" and my favorite, "Google Assassin".

Now NeedMoneyBlog is running in the first page for search results for several key words associated with Google Nemesis. In fact, checking my stats, I show several searchers ended up on NeedMoneyBlog over the weekend because of Google Nemesis.

It would be nice to be paid for that sort of love.

So I shot an email to Chris thinking he might throw me an affiliate link for all of my fine efforts. What did I get?

An autoresponder asking me to file a support ticket.

No thanks. It is sort of like when you call your credit card company or bank and they say "you can also get help from our automated account line" like that is some sort of treat or something. Nope, it's not.

So in 18 hours, 4 minutes and 8 seconds or whenever Google Nemesis goes on sale, all of my fine pre-sale work will get me nothing.

But hey, maybe that's why I always need money!

Here is Google Nemesis in case you were curious about all the hub bub.


Needmoney: Adsense earnings way down

I think it is the summer, this month, user activity on the internet, traffic, etc.

I write and maintain a number of sites. (Please note, I write - most ad sense sites are regurgitated junk articles and gibberish), and my CTR (click thru rate) has been dropping and traffic is off as well.

I don't know why. I have been pinging and posting like crazy but I don't think it is because of effort. I think the summer vacation slump has hit the ad sense/make money online/make money blogging world particularly hard. And at a time when I needmoney!

Okay, there are ways to increase your traffic...

Post more stories to Digg and Reddit for the short term effect.
Visit other readers and writes profiles and sites found on MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog.
Comment on other blogs.
Write more articles and post to Article City and what not.
Write more provocative post titles.

And there are ways to increase your CTR with Ad Sense...

Revise your link and titles on your Ad Sense ads. They need refreshing and testing anyway.
Move your ad sense ads around a bit.
Change the ad sense ad formats (but avoid those ad sense images ads, they just don't work).
Change you blog or web site layout. Add some more pictures or graphics to draw attention to the drive by visitor.
Verify and test your article keywords with Adwords keyword tool. Instead of writing about a "Summer holiday" change to a higher paying keyword like "family Disney vacation" for instance. Your overall ad sense clicks may be lower, but you might as well optimize the payout per click.

Oh well. I can't give up on ad sense now. Just have to work harder!


Google Nemesis is coming

Here is the URL -

Won't go live until July 8, 2008 so put your credit cards away.

The facts:

Google Nemesis is written by Chris McNeeney.
McNeeney wrote the following ebook titles..
AdWords Miracle (bought it).
Affliliate Project X (bought it)
Day Job Killer (bought it).
Google Assassin (bought it and belong to the website, Affiliates Den).

I have mixed feelings about this Google Nemesis. I mean how many times do you need to be shown the old saw.. (find another Clickbank product, start an AdWords campaign, try and make 300,00 a month on the deal)?

First, I am tired of Clickbank products, tired of running a campaign against 3000 other copy cats who will buy Google Nemesis and don't see the benefit any longer of promoting an ebook that Chris admits 130 other people, with far better email lists than I have, will be promoting the bonkers out of.

So here try this (mostly) free idea instead..

- Find some high paying keywords, think medical and legal terms, brand names, fashion, etc.
- Run some keyword patterns using the AdWords tool (free by the way).
- Build a bunch of blogs based around those keywords using Blogger (also free by the way) - put AdSense ads on your site.
- Link all of the blogs together.
- Promote your posts and articles with web 2.0 like Stumbler, etc.
- Write articles and post them on two article directories. Use your keywords.
- Point your bio back to one of your blogger sites.
- Do this for 30 days and watch your AdSense earnings grow.

Notice! No - you will not earn 6000.00 in 30 days. But you may earn 100, 200 or 300.00 in a month or so. It is entirely doable.

Now, come up with say 6 high paying keywords and start building sites.

Do the math.

With enough work you could rake in 500 to 1500 bucks a month. Not bad when combined with you current day job.

You will find yourself thinking of ways to fine tune certain sites which are bringing in more money than others. And your earnings will increase.

Watch for Google Nemesis and purchase if you so desire. I will wait on the sidelines for Nemesis before making my purchase, but based upon my purchase history I will probably end up buying it and kicking myself all the same!

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