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Still need money? Too many giveaways!

I am beat!

I joined every giveaway in the last month (you have seen me post them here) and have signed up and downloaded nearly every piece of free software, every free script, every template and private label rights product out there.

I just checked the directory I downloaded all this stuff to: 1.390 files and 1.06GB of stuff! Holy mackerel! (And it still did not give me the ONE product I needed this week! More on that at the end of today's entry!).

Guess how much money I have made off all of this downloading? Nada, zilch, zip.

Now that doesn't mean I won't and you won't either, just that neither of us will unless we have a plan for all those articles and software.

What's more, why bother downloading that "Instant AdSense website on debt management!" unless you really know what to do with it in the first place? I mean, do you have a domain burning a hole in your wallet every month? Do you have the hosting space ready to go? How about a related affiliate plan you are already approved for?

All things to consider before jumping headlong in the make money online space, you know.

Here's my suggestion. (After all you paid for it!).

Target some niches you know about and like. I tend to stick with products I use OR are in the field I work in. You don't want to know what I made in "AdSense Ready Sites" this past month. But I can tell you I received a four digit (nope no decimal between numbers 2 and 3!) check this past week for referrals on software. A product I know quite a bit about thank you.

Enjoy those giveaways. Sometimes there really are gems out there. But don't get "Giveaway Eyes" (bigger than your hard drive) and take it all. Focus, focus, focus!

In the meantime, this week, I had the chance to build a jiffy two column website for a friend with a hot domain name (organic, 300-500 uniques a day, three hundred bucks a month for ZERO work). My cut? All the Ad---se revenue for me!

The problem? I could not find a two column ad and affiliate ready web template to save my life. One GB of stuff and no two column web template! Aaurgh.

Oh well. Have fun making money online!

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