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You use My Blog Log, right?

Well, if you don't, you should. Go to the link above, set up an account and add me as a contact. I will do the same for you and you will get a nifty backlink!

Now, on to MBL. My Blog Log, now owned by Yahoo, is a neat little site for promoting your blog.

First, it's free. Which works well with the theme of NeedMoneyBlog. Now, besides creating a powerful backlink to your blog (you can make the first page of Google searches with your MBL page long before you get one with your blog. I have seen it happen), you are also putting your blog in front of a growing audience which shares your interests.


Some ways to be successful, (on the cheap) with MyBlogLog.

After you set up your profile, use the search box and find some other MBL users whose blogs are similar to yours. Visit their blog. Add them as a contact. Join their community - this is key. Leave them a message and ask them to check out your site and if they find it interesting, reciprocate and join your community.

Whenever you write a really good blog post with really good content, send a quick message to all of your contacts using this feature on MyBlogLog. It is sort of like having a web based opt-in email application.

Remember, write good content . Don't copy someone else's blog or use articles downloaded from some site. They look like junk and nobody is fooled. Also, try to make your writing style natural and less contrived sounding.

Depending upon the size of your list, you might generate a nice burst of traffic to your blog. Just don't abuse this feature. You might lose some community members at best or your account at the very worst.

A little hint about MBL if you have not noticed yet. When you set up your profile, use a picture which will attract attention. Like they say, your first impression is what matters so make that picture a good one. Many users use animated gifs, symbols and yes, pretty women. It seem to work for some so go for it.

If you are on MyBlogLog, be sure to add me as a contact and let me know about your blog. I will be happy to join your community if you return the favor.

If you have not signed up on MyBlogLog, do it today and start building some traffic to your blog!

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