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A few weeks ago, I saw a news story on a new medical condition. The condition may be caused by a certain medical product and thus, the lawyers are involved now.

Internet marketers know that lawsuits based upon medical treatments are big money. Why? Lawsuits pay big money. That means lawyers are willing to pay big bucks to advertise their services in this market. Thus, adsense clicks can be several dollars each for a publisher. Case in point: Look at all the mesothelioma blogs and web sites which popped up last year as niche marketers tried to get a piece of that business.

So I did what any other self respecting marketer would do, I set up a couple of sites to get a piece of this market.

Here is what I did so I can profit from it online.

1) Register a couple of domain names. I have always used GoDaddy for all my registrations. Surprisingly, with any niche market, there is always some version of the name available and what is neat about GoDaddy is the domain suggestion tool. Sometimes a neat version of your name comes across which you had not thought of.

2) Set up a hosting account. Again, I used GoDaddy because a) I get a discount on my domain registration when I get a hosting account, b) They have a cheap two month hosting plan and c) I am lazy.

3) Build a site using Blogger. Go to the Advanced settings and publish on another server. Note, you have to use Classic Blogger for this to work as the new version only allows you to point a domain at your Blogger site. I like Blogger because it is easy, requires no install and gets my site up fast.

4) Start building traffic - the most important section!
a) Setup a related Lens on Squidoo using keywords for the title. Link to your new website.
b) Do the same with HubPages.
c) MyBlogLog. Add blog or website to your profile.
d) Technorati your site.
e) Add tags and links using Del.ici.ous. etc.
f) Submit story to Digg and Reddit. Even if nobody "Diggs" your site. There is method to this madness and that is inbound high page rank link.

Start posting more content. Ping and tag with all of the above tools.

Check the search engines a week or so later and see where your keywords are. Use a stats program to measure all inbound traffic and keywords.

Where am I at with my new website.
1) I am in the first page of search engine results with 6-7 related keywords.
2) I have about ten high PR inbound links.
3) I am averaging about 50-60 unique impressions a day.
4) Yesterday I hit the sweet spot - $1-3 in clicks.

To make money with click thru ads, the baseline is a 2-3% click thru rate (CTR). 50-60 unique visitors a day will not reach a 2% CTR, so more traffic is needed before I see some revenue off of ads. (Note: You will see ebooks promoting ways to get double digit CTR on niche sites. I am sure there are a few sites which have topped these numbers, but it is an impossibility for most).

Since this is a medical/lawsuit related site, I can expect clicks to safely pay out $1-3 dollars. I will show you some sites with possible pay per click rates in another post).

Time to market? About two weeks.

Amount of work? About two to three hours so far.

Can you do this? Sure! I just gave you the road map and it did not cost you $47.00 like every e-book out there.

Next? As they say, rinse and repeat. Setup 10 or so sites like this and you can make some decent recurring revenue, say $300-1000 a month!


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