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Need Money! Greedy Giveaway Part Too

I mentioned the Greedy Giveaway the other day, and as far as I know, I was first! I must have received a half a dozen emails the next day from some of the emailing lists (I am on everyone's email list, but nobody is on mine.. hmmmm. Something not right about that!).

Anyways, so I told everyone about GG when it came out. Since then, I have downloaded about a million pdf pages, a hundred free mini sites, and lots of greaaattt motivational and organizational material. I have been reading for three nights now!

I have to mention, I don't download everything out there. My favorites are how to get more traffic, Adsense tips, layouts, and social networking e-books.

Fact is, any knowledge is good knowledge, but you have to put it into use!

Case in point.

One great e-book I downloaded from the Greedy Giveaway was about blogging and social networking. Now I am a big user of social networks for traffic building. In fact, all of my traffic comes from free social networks.

Social networks drive keyword based traffic to your site. They also create high page rank inbound links to your blog or web site.


I have a low traffic blog in a particular niche. I never thought I would make much off this niche because it was more of a hobby rather than a big money idea.

However, I blogged by chance about a certain form of precious metal investing which annoyed me for some reason this particular day. I then noted my blog post on the following social networks.

- MyBlogLog - by default, no extra work here.
- Digg
- Reditt
- Stumbler
- Blink
- Furl
- Ice Rocket

The last three are new for me. I joined them because of the free e-book I got from Greedy Giveaway.

I checked my stats late this afternoon. I had not one, but three of the first page Google search results for a high paying keyword phrase! All with one Blogger post and the social networks above.

Traffic? Just a few searches a day, but I know it will grow and one or two clicks a day on this site could mean $5 a more in advertising revenue, per day.

You do the math.

Look, the goal at Need Money Blog is to help you make money (cause you need it) with free hosting tools like Blogger, easy to use monetization (like AdSense) and free social networks like Blink, MBL, etc.

And it works.

So, find some keywords, build a blog and start making some coin!

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