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Need Money! Get search engines to find you

Okay, so you just finished your ultimate ad laden blog ready to make you some quick cash! You have a bunch a high-paying keyword articles and titles, so now it is just a matter of getting the search engines to take notice, right?

Easier said then done. Right now, Google and all the other search engines have no idea your site exists . Yes, some blog platforms will start sending pings out to the usual suspect sites and eventually, you might pick up some organic traffic. But let's jump start things by getting those search engine spiders to visit your blog.

Remember, Need Money is about doing things cheap (read free!). The only thing we are going to spend is time.

Do you have a Yahoo start page? Or how about a iGoogle? Any homepage you have which features a RSS widget should be the first place you list your new blog. Add the RSS feed to your page and Google, Yahoo, etc. will go out and index your page within 24 or less. Use both Google and Yahoo (and any others you may have) and get your site listed faster.

Sign up for Hubpages and Squidoo. Use all the tags they let you use for your site. Get that 'link to' link directed to your new blog as soon as possible. Both Hubpages and Squidoo have a high Page Rank, which means you will have a high quality inbound link to your website.

Visit some related blogs with a high Page Rank and start leaving (good) comments. Most blogs have a link to the poster's website which the search engine spiders follow meaning your blog gets index faster. Add your comments as soon as possible; try for 10 or so a day at different sites.

Sign up on MyBlogLog. Doing this will get your blog or web site listed and indexed quickly. (Also, take advantage of the tags for your blog. MBL let's you use unlimited tags to describe each of your sites. Use a bunch. I have 40+ for one of my blogs!).

Use Digg and Reddit. Every post must be Dugg and Reddited (if that is a word). As the search engine spiders see those articles on Digg and Reddit, they will follow the links to your blog or web site.

Tag your posts. Use which will link keyword tags to your site.

Also, Stumble your posts as well - same thing.. inbound links which search engine spiders follow and indexed blah, blah, blah.

In short, you are looking for ways to jump start the search engine index process without spending a great deal of time and certainly, without spending money.

Questions: What about search engine submission sites?
Don't waste your time with search engine submission sites. Yes, in 1995 when things were getting going on the Internet submission sites had some value. Now they are nothing more than email address collection services.

What about blog directories?
Yes. These work as well. Butttt... Warning, Will Robinson! Some directories are great. Others are bad places about to be de-listed by Google. If your site is on one of these directories your site may be de-listed as well. You have been warned!

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