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Need Money! Don't waste money on "make money online" e-books and videos

Since I am into making money online, I spend a great deal of time researching ways to make money. For instance:

- Building web pages with ads (ad sense) and affiliate links, promoting, traffic, etc. (Fun).
- Ad campaigns selling affiliate products from Clickbank and Amazon. (Sort of fun).
- Article writing to generate affiliate sales. (More work, but kind of fun).

Due to my research, I come across lots of make money online web sites which nothing more than sales letters for various products. These products are almost always e-books which promise to teach you "insider secrets" to making money online. They sound great.

Some of these make money products are actually good. Someday, I will share a few with you that I have actually bought and use to this day.

Others are rehashes of older make money online books which often contain out of date information which will do you little if any good. Now, if these e-books are free, like on Greedy Giveaway, than more power to you (get over there fast and get lots of good free stuff now!).

However, if the e-book purchase price is the standard $67.00, than you are getting ripped off. Save your money. Why? Because most e-products are rehashes of the same out of date make money online carp others have been promoting for years.

BUT, if you insist on buying any of these make money online products, here is what you will get for your 67 bux!

- A retelling of how systems like AdWords, Ad Sense, Clickbank, and PayDotCom work (that should eat up 5,8 or 10 pages of content).
- Lots of links to automailer programs like AWeber, webhosting companies like DreamHost, KeyWord tools like Keyword Elite. Each of these links makes the author even more money, by the way (and that should add another 5-10 pages of e-book content).
- A few videos which are primarily comprised of screen shots of the author setting up an AdWords campaign, his ClickBank and PayPal accounts (it looks pretty and shows the technical competence of the author. And it eats up another 5 pages of content).
- How the author has made money promoting a certain e-book or his own joint venture business plan. (I hate this part and it takes up another 3 pages of content).

Now, in the end, you may get 2 or 3 pages of actual new material. Most of what is bought is fluff. I think I am the only person I know who has returned or complained about an e-product I purchased. I have even gotten my money back on a few.

What you don't realize is that those "Big Names in Affiliate Marketing" each have the same formula.

First they write (or rewrite) an e-book.
Then they find a few established partners to promote the book for a hefty affiliate commission (like 75% of the purchase price).
Than they start their campaign and hope to sell a couple of thousand copies of their e-book. While they run their campaign, they are busy collecting email addresses for their list.
Then they take screen shots of the whole affair and include it in a new e-book on making money online which they then promote to their email list.
Rinse, repeat, etc.

So, buy into those big releases with the above in mind.

If you are feeling wary, as you should be, about making money online e-products, e-books and videos, than save the hassle and run over to Greedy Giveaway and get some free stuff today!

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