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Need Money Blog! More giveaways!

You know, I love giveaways. I love getting free stuff from internet marketers like e-books, mini site templates, adsense templates, widgets, heck anything.

I have a folder on my drive which I dupe over to a USB drive which I keep all this stuff on. When I am on a plane or have lots of distraction-free time on hand, I start unzipping and reading all this good free stuff.

There are two great giveaways this week. I know what you are thinking! Right after the Greedy Giveaway too! What a great month April is!

First, The Golden Week Giveaway! There are lots of great things waiting to be downloaded here. Now some are repeats of what was available on Greedy Giveaway, but there are some great diamonds in the rough.

Next, on Wednesday, Lightning Giveaway begins. Turns out this is version 4 of the Lightning Giveaway. I guess I was not cool enough to hear about the other three!

Yes. You will have to join a bunch of opt in email lists to get your free downloads.
Yes. You can opt out of those email lists after you get your free stuff. But try and stick around long enough as some of those opt in lists have some neat stuff.

Finally, try and use what you download. There is no harm trying out some of these things as they may bring in some real dough. Like $5, 10 or 20 bucks a month you did not have before. Get four or five of those channels going, repeat and well, you know the rest.

I generally find at least a few good nuggets from these giveaways and put them to work for me.

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