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More giveaway madness! Lightning giveaway

Here you go! Another giveaway started today.

Lightning Giveaway!

If you are new to making money online or internet affiliate marketing and sales, then these giveaways are the way to go for you. Get free stuff to build products, write help guides, market and build your opt in list.

The Lightning Giveaway is smaller than the other two giveaways I have promoted this month. And many of the products are repeats found on other giveaways. But the purpose of these events is to help new affiliate marketers build their opt in list.

Pay attention to giveaways and join them as they present a future opportunity for you to promote your own free report or book and build your list.

I would like to know what the success rate is for the participants in these giveaways. That would be something good to know.

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