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List builder mania - get List Builder Free

I am on about a billion email lists for making money online. Affiliate programs, adsense tips, etc. Nearly every time I find a great product, I join a mailing list and now I receive emails from well known Internet marketers like Eric Rockefeller, Chris the DayJobKiller, Rich Scheferen and others.

Every time there is a big product launch, I get bombarded with emails to check out the new product. Generally, if I wait a few hours, several of these same Internet marketing experts will start giving bonuses out if I purchase the product through their affiliate link.

A couple of times, I have ended up with some neat stuff, but most comes at too high a price. I had to buy a $67.00 e-book to get the free stuff.

Today, everyone is sending out affiliate emails for List Builder. This is a course from Tellman Knudsen and Shawn Casey which teaches you that you can make more money online if you have an opt-in mailing list.

Before you rush out and buy List Builder, let me tell you what 90% of List Builder covers (in handy bullet point format).

- An email list is an opt-in (subscribers request to be on your email distribution list) email list of persons interested in products you affiliate market.

- An email list is not a spam list. Subscribers asked to be on your email list unlike spam which is unsolicited.

- Generally, an email list is built by giving something away for free in exchange for your subscription. Case in point; before you downloaded anything from the Greedy Giveaway, you joined several emailing lists.

- To build an emailing list you need (well it helps and this is the system Knudsen and Casey will tell you about).. A domain name, a web site, a squeeze page, an auto responder email service and traffic.

- A successful email list makes you money. You learn about a new affiliate marketing product. You get an affiliate link which you email to your list. Your list buys through your affiliate link and you make a percentage of the sale.

- Most affiliate marketers make most of their sales by emailing affiliate marketing products to their list.

- The usual success rate is about one in ten email subscribers will buy a product after 7-10 emails. So if you have 1000 recipients on your list, about 100 will buy the product after being told about it 7 times or so. If you make $35.00 per successful sale, you could make $3500.00 dollars for a few hours of work!

- The trick to successful email affiliate marketing is a) getting people to sign up for your list, b) keeping them on your list and c) writing really good email marketing emails which compel your readers to buy through your link.

- One of the most affective ways to build your email list is through co-marketing or joint ventures. You provide a free product to a well known marketer for their campaign as a bonus and they let you get sign ups for your list when buyers go to get their free bonus. Sounds easy, but harder to get started with than it sounds. Most marketers get their start with campaigns like the Greedy Giveaway.

- To be successful in in email affiliate marketing sales you must consistently provide value and information to your readers.

There, that is most of what you will get in List Builder free of charge.

And what is this worth to you? Guess what List Builder is selling for? List Builder has a purchase price of the small sum of ... $1997.00. Yes, nearly two-thousand dollars! I don't know about you, but that is the price of a good used car where I come from.

If you follow the Need Money Blog regularly, you know that is out of the reach of us for now. So take my advice, reread my list above and figure out the way you can build you own list for cheaper without buying List Builder.

Further, if you go back over to the Greedy Giveaway pages, if they are still up, there are lots of free e-books and products available which can help you build your email marketing list for free!

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