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Just received this great opportunity for you to a) get free stuff! and b) the chance to add your product to a giveaway and build your list!

I have been telling you about these giveaways for the past week. What you get are lots of free downloads. Most of these are Private Label Rights which mean you can do a few edit and changes and resell under your own brand name.

Free content.

OK, so why giveaway something?

Give away a free report that you wrote, or better, someone else wrote to build your opt-in mailing list.

Opt-in mailing list? That sounds hard.

I gave you an overview how to build an opt-in list the other day.. (here).

You do have to sign up for a few things - an auto responder email provider - the best is AWeber.

And a domain name and hosting account - I use GoDaddy for both and save money

Then read all the wonderful free things you downloaded online, build a free report or e-book, sign up for the Viral Marketing Giveaway and start building your list.

Once your list is up, even if it is only 50 or 60 subscribers, start signing up for other giveaways, directing your list to them, and build some more subscribers.

There is no magic number with opt-in lists other than the standard rules. a) one out of ten buys, and b) a buyer purchases a product after being reminded or told about it seven or more times.

So a list of 200 opt-in addresses may result in 20 buyers. If the product you are reselling has a commission of 50% on 47.00, you are making $23.50 per sale. Now in our world that is good money which we will not kick out of our wallet!

So get over to the Viral Marketing Giveaway 11 and get busy!

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