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Hurry! Get Viral Now!

Click here to get Viral Marketing Giveaway 11

Just received this great opportunity for you to a) get free stuff! and b) the chance to add your product to a giveaway and build your list!

I have been telling you about these giveaways for the past week. What you get are lots of free downloads. Most of these are Private Label Rights which mean you can do a few edit and changes and resell under your own brand name.

Free content.

OK, so why giveaway something?

Give away a free report that you wrote, or better, someone else wrote to build your opt-in mailing list.

Opt-in mailing list? That sounds hard.

I gave you an overview how to build an opt-in list the other day.. (here).

You do have to sign up for a few things - an auto responder email provider - the best is AWeber.

And a domain name and hosting account - I use GoDaddy for both and save money

Then read all the wonderful free things you downloaded online, build a free report or e-book, sign up for the Viral Marketing Giveaway and start building your list.

Once your list is up, even if it is only 50 or 60 subscribers, start signing up for other giveaways, directing your list to them, and build some more subscribers.

There is no magic number with opt-in lists other than the standard rules. a) one out of ten buys, and b) a buyer purchases a product after being reminded or told about it seven or more times.

So a list of 200 opt-in addresses may result in 20 buyers. If the product you are reselling has a commission of 50% on 47.00, you are making $23.50 per sale. Now in our world that is good money which we will not kick out of our wallet!

So get over to the Viral Marketing Giveaway 11 and get busy!

More giveaway madness! Lightning giveaway

Here you go! Another giveaway started today.

Lightning Giveaway!

If you are new to making money online or internet affiliate marketing and sales, then these giveaways are the way to go for you. Get free stuff to build products, write help guides, market and build your opt in list.

The Lightning Giveaway is smaller than the other two giveaways I have promoted this month. And many of the products are repeats found on other giveaways. But the purpose of these events is to help new affiliate marketers build their opt in list.

Pay attention to giveaways and join them as they present a future opportunity for you to promote your own free report or book and build your list.

I would like to know what the success rate is for the participants in these giveaways. That would be something good to know.


Need Money Blog! More giveaways!

You know, I love giveaways. I love getting free stuff from internet marketers like e-books, mini site templates, adsense templates, widgets, heck anything.

I have a folder on my drive which I dupe over to a USB drive which I keep all this stuff on. When I am on a plane or have lots of distraction-free time on hand, I start unzipping and reading all this good free stuff.

There are two great giveaways this week. I know what you are thinking! Right after the Greedy Giveaway too! What a great month April is!

First, The Golden Week Giveaway! There are lots of great things waiting to be downloaded here. Now some are repeats of what was available on Greedy Giveaway, but there are some great diamonds in the rough.

Next, on Wednesday, Lightning Giveaway begins. Turns out this is version 4 of the Lightning Giveaway. I guess I was not cool enough to hear about the other three!

Yes. You will have to join a bunch of opt in email lists to get your free downloads.
Yes. You can opt out of those email lists after you get your free stuff. But try and stick around long enough as some of those opt in lists have some neat stuff.

Finally, try and use what you download. There is no harm trying out some of these things as they may bring in some real dough. Like $5, 10 or 20 bucks a month you did not have before. Get four or five of those channels going, repeat and well, you know the rest.

I generally find at least a few good nuggets from these giveaways and put them to work for me.


List builder mania - get List Builder Free

I am on about a billion email lists for making money online. Affiliate programs, adsense tips, etc. Nearly every time I find a great product, I join a mailing list and now I receive emails from well known Internet marketers like Eric Rockefeller, Chris the DayJobKiller, Rich Scheferen and others.

Every time there is a big product launch, I get bombarded with emails to check out the new product. Generally, if I wait a few hours, several of these same Internet marketing experts will start giving bonuses out if I purchase the product through their affiliate link.

A couple of times, I have ended up with some neat stuff, but most comes at too high a price. I had to buy a $67.00 e-book to get the free stuff.

Today, everyone is sending out affiliate emails for List Builder. This is a course from Tellman Knudsen and Shawn Casey which teaches you that you can make more money online if you have an opt-in mailing list.

Before you rush out and buy List Builder, let me tell you what 90% of List Builder covers (in handy bullet point format).

- An email list is an opt-in (subscribers request to be on your email distribution list) email list of persons interested in products you affiliate market.

- An email list is not a spam list. Subscribers asked to be on your email list unlike spam which is unsolicited.

- Generally, an email list is built by giving something away for free in exchange for your subscription. Case in point; before you downloaded anything from the Greedy Giveaway, you joined several emailing lists.

- To build an emailing list you need (well it helps and this is the system Knudsen and Casey will tell you about).. A domain name, a web site, a squeeze page, an auto responder email service and traffic.

- A successful email list makes you money. You learn about a new affiliate marketing product. You get an affiliate link which you email to your list. Your list buys through your affiliate link and you make a percentage of the sale.

- Most affiliate marketers make most of their sales by emailing affiliate marketing products to their list.

- The usual success rate is about one in ten email subscribers will buy a product after 7-10 emails. So if you have 1000 recipients on your list, about 100 will buy the product after being told about it 7 times or so. If you make $35.00 per successful sale, you could make $3500.00 dollars for a few hours of work!

- The trick to successful email affiliate marketing is a) getting people to sign up for your list, b) keeping them on your list and c) writing really good email marketing emails which compel your readers to buy through your link.

- One of the most affective ways to build your email list is through co-marketing or joint ventures. You provide a free product to a well known marketer for their campaign as a bonus and they let you get sign ups for your list when buyers go to get their free bonus. Sounds easy, but harder to get started with than it sounds. Most marketers get their start with campaigns like the Greedy Giveaway.

- To be successful in in email affiliate marketing sales you must consistently provide value and information to your readers.

There, that is most of what you will get in List Builder free of charge.

And what is this worth to you? Guess what List Builder is selling for? List Builder has a purchase price of the small sum of ... $1997.00. Yes, nearly two-thousand dollars! I don't know about you, but that is the price of a good used car where I come from.

If you follow the Need Money Blog regularly, you know that is out of the reach of us for now. So take my advice, reread my list above and figure out the way you can build you own list for cheaper without buying List Builder.

Further, if you go back over to the Greedy Giveaway pages, if they are still up, there are lots of free e-books and products available which can help you build your email marketing list for free!


Need Money! Don't waste money on "make money online" e-books and videos

Since I am into making money online, I spend a great deal of time researching ways to make money. For instance:

- Building web pages with ads (ad sense) and affiliate links, promoting, traffic, etc. (Fun).
- Ad campaigns selling affiliate products from Clickbank and Amazon. (Sort of fun).
- Article writing to generate affiliate sales. (More work, but kind of fun).

Due to my research, I come across lots of make money online web sites which nothing more than sales letters for various products. These products are almost always e-books which promise to teach you "insider secrets" to making money online. They sound great.

Some of these make money products are actually good. Someday, I will share a few with you that I have actually bought and use to this day.

Others are rehashes of older make money online books which often contain out of date information which will do you little if any good. Now, if these e-books are free, like on Greedy Giveaway, than more power to you (get over there fast and get lots of good free stuff now!).

However, if the e-book purchase price is the standard $67.00, than you are getting ripped off. Save your money. Why? Because most e-products are rehashes of the same out of date make money online carp others have been promoting for years.

BUT, if you insist on buying any of these make money online products, here is what you will get for your 67 bux!

- A retelling of how systems like AdWords, Ad Sense, Clickbank, and PayDotCom work (that should eat up 5,8 or 10 pages of content).
- Lots of links to automailer programs like AWeber, webhosting companies like DreamHost, KeyWord tools like Keyword Elite. Each of these links makes the author even more money, by the way (and that should add another 5-10 pages of e-book content).
- A few videos which are primarily comprised of screen shots of the author setting up an AdWords campaign, his ClickBank and PayPal accounts (it looks pretty and shows the technical competence of the author. And it eats up another 5 pages of content).
- How the author has made money promoting a certain e-book or his own joint venture business plan. (I hate this part and it takes up another 3 pages of content).

Now, in the end, you may get 2 or 3 pages of actual new material. Most of what is bought is fluff. I think I am the only person I know who has returned or complained about an e-product I purchased. I have even gotten my money back on a few.

What you don't realize is that those "Big Names in Affiliate Marketing" each have the same formula.

First they write (or rewrite) an e-book.
Then they find a few established partners to promote the book for a hefty affiliate commission (like 75% of the purchase price).
Than they start their campaign and hope to sell a couple of thousand copies of their e-book. While they run their campaign, they are busy collecting email addresses for their list.
Then they take screen shots of the whole affair and include it in a new e-book on making money online which they then promote to their email list.
Rinse, repeat, etc.

So, buy into those big releases with the above in mind.

If you are feeling wary, as you should be, about making money online e-products, e-books and videos, than save the hassle and run over to Greedy Giveaway and get some free stuff today!


Need Money! Greedy Giveaway Part Too

I mentioned the Greedy Giveaway the other day, and as far as I know, I was first! I must have received a half a dozen emails the next day from some of the emailing lists (I am on everyone's email list, but nobody is on mine.. hmmmm. Something not right about that!).

Anyways, so I told everyone about GG when it came out. Since then, I have downloaded about a million pdf pages, a hundred free mini sites, and lots of greaaattt motivational and organizational material. I have been reading for three nights now!

I have to mention, I don't download everything out there. My favorites are how to get more traffic, Adsense tips, layouts, and social networking e-books.

Fact is, any knowledge is good knowledge, but you have to put it into use!

Case in point.

One great e-book I downloaded from the Greedy Giveaway was about blogging and social networking. Now I am a big user of social networks for traffic building. In fact, all of my traffic comes from free social networks.

Social networks drive keyword based traffic to your site. They also create high page rank inbound links to your blog or web site.


I have a low traffic blog in a particular niche. I never thought I would make much off this niche because it was more of a hobby rather than a big money idea.

However, I blogged by chance about a certain form of precious metal investing which annoyed me for some reason this particular day. I then noted my blog post on the following social networks.

- MyBlogLog - by default, no extra work here.
- Digg
- Reditt
- Stumbler
- Blink
- Furl
- Ice Rocket

The last three are new for me. I joined them because of the free e-book I got from Greedy Giveaway.

I checked my stats late this afternoon. I had not one, but three of the first page Google search results for a high paying keyword phrase! All with one Blogger post and the social networks above.

Traffic? Just a few searches a day, but I know it will grow and one or two clicks a day on this site could mean $5 a more in advertising revenue, per day.

You do the math.

Look, the goal at Need Money Blog is to help you make money (cause you need it) with free hosting tools like Blogger, easy to use monetization (like AdSense) and free social networks like Blink, MBL, etc.

And it works.

So, find some keywords, build a blog and start making some coin!


Greedy Giveaway Starts Today (April 10th)!

If you notice, I rarely tell you about "Get this new e-book" which someone is SELLING online. Reason being, I like F-R-E-E stuff.

Free is good and there is lots of free stuff out there, e-books, videos, websites, templates, etc. for the beginner affiliate marketer.

During my research, I found the Greedy Giveaway online and signed up immediately. Why? The GG has plenty of free e-books available for immediate download.

One problem; The Giveaway only lasts for a short time so get over there now!

So far, I have downloaded a new e-book on blogging for bucks (love those), a traffic secrets e-book (read everyone I can get my hands on!), and a few others.

I usually download these books and read them at night after the kids are asleep or on airplane flights when the Internet is not available.

Check out the Greedy Giveaway today! Remember, it's free. And free is good!


Need Money! Get search engines to find you

Okay, so you just finished your ultimate ad laden blog ready to make you some quick cash! You have a bunch a high-paying keyword articles and titles, so now it is just a matter of getting the search engines to take notice, right?

Easier said then done. Right now, Google and all the other search engines have no idea your site exists . Yes, some blog platforms will start sending pings out to the usual suspect sites and eventually, you might pick up some organic traffic. But let's jump start things by getting those search engine spiders to visit your blog.

Remember, Need Money is about doing things cheap (read free!). The only thing we are going to spend is time.

Do you have a Yahoo start page? Or how about a iGoogle? Any homepage you have which features a RSS widget should be the first place you list your new blog. Add the RSS feed to your page and Google, Yahoo, etc. will go out and index your page within 24 or less. Use both Google and Yahoo (and any others you may have) and get your site listed faster.

Sign up for Hubpages and Squidoo. Use all the tags they let you use for your site. Get that 'link to' link directed to your new blog as soon as possible. Both Hubpages and Squidoo have a high Page Rank, which means you will have a high quality inbound link to your website.

Visit some related blogs with a high Page Rank and start leaving (good) comments. Most blogs have a link to the poster's website which the search engine spiders follow meaning your blog gets index faster. Add your comments as soon as possible; try for 10 or so a day at different sites.

Sign up on MyBlogLog. Doing this will get your blog or web site listed and indexed quickly. (Also, take advantage of the tags for your blog. MBL let's you use unlimited tags to describe each of your sites. Use a bunch. I have 40+ for one of my blogs!).

Use Digg and Reddit. Every post must be Dugg and Reddited (if that is a word). As the search engine spiders see those articles on Digg and Reddit, they will follow the links to your blog or web site.

Tag your posts. Use which will link keyword tags to your site.

Also, Stumble your posts as well - same thing.. inbound links which search engine spiders follow and indexed blah, blah, blah.

In short, you are looking for ways to jump start the search engine index process without spending a great deal of time and certainly, without spending money.

Questions: What about search engine submission sites?
Don't waste your time with search engine submission sites. Yes, in 1995 when things were getting going on the Internet submission sites had some value. Now they are nothing more than email address collection services.

What about blog directories?
Yes. These work as well. Butttt... Warning, Will Robinson! Some directories are great. Others are bad places about to be de-listed by Google. If your site is on one of these directories your site may be de-listed as well. You have been warned!


Need Money! Niche, page rank, traffic, profit

A few weeks ago, I saw a news story on a new medical condition. The condition may be caused by a certain medical product and thus, the lawyers are involved now.

Internet marketers know that lawsuits based upon medical treatments are big money. Why? Lawsuits pay big money. That means lawyers are willing to pay big bucks to advertise their services in this market. Thus, adsense clicks can be several dollars each for a publisher. Case in point: Look at all the mesothelioma blogs and web sites which popped up last year as niche marketers tried to get a piece of that business.

So I did what any other self respecting marketer would do, I set up a couple of sites to get a piece of this market.

Here is what I did so I can profit from it online.

1) Register a couple of domain names. I have always used GoDaddy for all my registrations. Surprisingly, with any niche market, there is always some version of the name available and what is neat about GoDaddy is the domain suggestion tool. Sometimes a neat version of your name comes across which you had not thought of.

2) Set up a hosting account. Again, I used GoDaddy because a) I get a discount on my domain registration when I get a hosting account, b) They have a cheap two month hosting plan and c) I am lazy.

3) Build a site using Blogger. Go to the Advanced settings and publish on another server. Note, you have to use Classic Blogger for this to work as the new version only allows you to point a domain at your Blogger site. I like Blogger because it is easy, requires no install and gets my site up fast.

4) Start building traffic - the most important section!
a) Setup a related Lens on Squidoo using keywords for the title. Link to your new website.
b) Do the same with HubPages.
c) MyBlogLog. Add blog or website to your profile.
d) Technorati your site.
e) Add tags and links using Del.ici.ous. etc.
f) Submit story to Digg and Reddit. Even if nobody "Diggs" your site. There is method to this madness and that is inbound high page rank link.

Start posting more content. Ping and tag with all of the above tools.

Check the search engines a week or so later and see where your keywords are. Use a stats program to measure all inbound traffic and keywords.

Where am I at with my new website.
1) I am in the first page of search engine results with 6-7 related keywords.
2) I have about ten high PR inbound links.
3) I am averaging about 50-60 unique impressions a day.
4) Yesterday I hit the sweet spot - $1-3 in clicks.

To make money with click thru ads, the baseline is a 2-3% click thru rate (CTR). 50-60 unique visitors a day will not reach a 2% CTR, so more traffic is needed before I see some revenue off of ads. (Note: You will see ebooks promoting ways to get double digit CTR on niche sites. I am sure there are a few sites which have topped these numbers, but it is an impossibility for most).

Since this is a medical/lawsuit related site, I can expect clicks to safely pay out $1-3 dollars. I will show you some sites with possible pay per click rates in another post).

Time to market? About two weeks.

Amount of work? About two to three hours so far.

Can you do this? Sure! I just gave you the road map and it did not cost you $47.00 like every e-book out there.

Next? As they say, rinse and repeat. Setup 10 or so sites like this and you can make some decent recurring revenue, say $300-1000 a month!

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