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NeedMoneyBlog! How to make money with Adsense

How to make money with Google AdSense.

How much money do you want to make with Google AdSense should be the real title.

For instance, I have had website and blogs which used one of the following money generation channels.
- Google AdSense
- Amazon
- Clickbank
- Commission Junction
- Kontera
- AdBrite
- Azoogle
- AuctionAds

The above list also represents the channels by which I have made the most money online.

I have made more money from Google AdSense than I have from Kontera for instance. So I use AdSense on all of my sites now and only use Kontera on one or two.

To make money with AdSense, you have only two choices to make. Either one site or more and how much work do you want to do?

For instance, I checked this week and I now have over 70 sites running in one form or another right now. Of those, only about 6-7 make me any significant money (anywhere between 1-5$ a day is my rule).

Some of you may be saying, "One or two dollars a day? That's nothing!". True. But if you have 5 sites making that much a day then you are making potentially some decent money. Especially if the work, the content you create is only taking an hour or so a day.

Back to making money with Google AdSense.

First, build a site. I think the fastest way is to use blogger. AdSense is already integrated into the layout, so all is needed is a niche idea and some original content and you are off.

Next, get some traffic. "Right!" says the average reader. "Do you know how hard traffic is to generate?" Yep, I do. The hard way.

Start simple. To get traffic try this:
- Build a Squidoo page (see upper right hand corner for mine) and link it to your new web page. Squidoo pages will stream some traffic and a high ranking page ranked site to your new web page or blog.
- Build a Hubpage. Same as above.
- Register with MyBlogLog and get a few more hits a day.
- Stumble every page. Everyone underestimates this, but I get anywhere between 50-80% of my daily traffic for some of my sites from Stumblr.
- Tag all of your pages with, Furl and others. I get a few hits a day this way.
- Digg and Reddit good blog posts on these web sites. Some can generate some good traffic your way if your article is decent.
- Comment post to other blogs and forums. You can also increase your page rank this way, too.

Okay, build that blog and fine tune it for traffic. I always put my AdSense ads (in full compliance with their TOS, of course) in these spots.
- Top left
- Right column
- Between postings
- Search box on top right (never forget about this little gem).

That is it. Anymore is overkill. Don't use those bottom of the page horizontal ads. They blow your per-click earnings and no body clicks on those ads.

Okay, so you built the site, went it worked on traffic and have your ads set up. So now what?

One problem many make is they choose a niche market that a) they know nothing about, b) everyone else is doing (lots of competition) or c) they know something about, but it has not intrinsic value (no traffic or advertisers). The end result is no money.

Attack each of these problems individually.

a) Choose a niche you have some knowledge about or at the very least, are interested in.
b) Watch the competition. Everyone is doing pay day loans, student loan assistance, mortgages, credit card offers, gambling, insurance and the crowd favorite medical/legal lawsuits and settlements. Why? Because they make money. The per click payment may be 2,5, 10 dollars or more. So watch the competitive space.
c) Esoteric topics may be of interest to you, but most do not make any money. Some may be in violation of Google Adsense's Terms of Service. So to make money, find topics based upon products people would actually pay for.

Most important of all, stick with it. Have fun with your blogs and websites. You will find with each twenty-eight cent click you get excited about fine tuning and creating more content for your blog!

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