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NeedMoney! Squidoo

You probably already use Squidoo. I do and have for longer than you. In fact, I invented Squidoo.

Okay, a little second grade humor for your Thursday online drive to work.

Anywho, so Squidoo. What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

Used to be, when Squidoo started, Lensmasters would build a lens on a single subject ("Laptop bags"). They would then build an incredibly detailed Lens on that subject and spend lots of time updating it and making it purty.

But over time, something happened with Squidoo. Lots of people started using it and many lens were made. And as it happens, the Page Rank, Google's ranking of how godly a website is, for Squidoo became greatly large. As of today, March 27, Squidoo has a PR of 7 of 10 (sounds like a Borg name!).

A PR site of 7 is mondo good for inbound links to your website or blog. And everyone knows that so many bloggers and website operators quickly began building basic lenses designed around keywords pointing back to their "needmoney" website or blog.

End result; increased organic search engine rankings which means many will find you and click ads, buy stuff, signup on lists, etc.

So your mission, should you decide to accept it?

Go build many lenses today and commence pointing them at your web site or blog!

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