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NeedMoney! One post or page? Which is best?

With blogs, each post you make should have a header page which acts as a link to the blog post. For instance. this post's title "NeedMoney! One post or page? What is best?" is the link to this blog post.

Now in the blog to web page world, a blog entry is a single web page. And remember, that each web page is a channel for you to generate revenue. So if you are running affiliate ads, signups or context ads, each page's unique content is viewed, by the search engines as a separate web page. And that means the potential for more money.

So, if you are running a blog like NeedMoney, should you put one blog entry per page or multiple?

Search engines are going to find your blog entries by the anchor text, title, header and keywords, both in the body and tagged. They they will display the title post of your blog as the link to the keywords or search terms.

So regardless, they are going to get to your blog whether you have one post or twenty on your blog.

For aesthetic reasons (AdSense ad units), I limit my blog posts to two per page FYI. It works for me and I seem to find organic search traffic using this means.

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