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Need Money! how can I make money using adsense context links

I hear this question a lot? "How can I make money using adsense links?".

Google AdSense is neat because it is the largest, most successful and easiest to use context advertising revenue generating product on the Internet. There I said it. Challenge my claim...

Here is my road map to make money using Google AdSense context advertising links.

1) Decide upon a topic you know about and enjoy writing about.

2) Set up a blog. I like blogger but Wordpress is favored by many other bloggers.

3) Layout your template. I argue that the layout is not as important as others say. Content is so desired on the internet that nearly any web site, "with good, regularly updated content" can make money.

4) Place AdSense ads on the top between the Header and the first blog entry, along the left or right side and between article entries.

5) Start posting using keyword driven entries "How to write a legal will", "How to get a low cost airline ticket", etc.

6) Use social networks, article directories, comments and SEO planning to build inbound links, traffic and search engine rankings.

7) Keep posting as much as possible with original content - do not use generated articles or reprints!

8) Set an easy target of .10 to .25 per day in AdSense revenue and build up from there. Try and setup a few blogs per week each with the same goal. The goal is to get to $1-3.00 per day within 30 days.

There, you are on your way to making money online using adsense contextual advertising links. It can be done.

And for those who scoff at $30.00 per month, remember that most people never make more than a few dollars a YEAR online if any.

Stick with it!

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