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Need Money! Ain't gonna happen

So you are checking the bank account and see you are a tad bit short this month? Or maybe you have a car payment coming due? Or maybe a credit card bill?

So you think to yourself "I need to figure out a way to make some extra money."

The next thing you know, you are on the computer and type in "needmoney" thinking you will find a plethora of neat ways to make cash online. After all, you have heard about all those people who are making lots of green stuff online and you figure you are going to get some too, right?

Before long, you end up on a site like this one. Sure it sounds like a great deal; build some web pages, stuff them with content off the Internet and watch the AdSense checks roll in.

There's a problem with your logic (don't feel bad. Lots of others have the same problem). Everyone else is trying to do the same thing. So you have hundreds if not thousands of folks trying to build a dozen MFA (Made For AdSense) sites thinking they are going to start getting multi-thousand dollar checks every month.

And then there is the economy of scale. What this means is somebody in a third world country is able to pump out thousands of these types of sites a month using cheaper labor than you can dream of. Why? Because if he is successful, those AdSense checks go much further where he lives than where you do.

So that hour or two you put into building your web pages and blogs is nothing compared to the hundreds of hours your competition is devoting to the cause.

So in a nutshell - "It ain't gonna happen."


Unless you think more creatively.

For starters, one word: Originality. Original layout. Original content. Original traffic strategy.

For Originality, even if you use Blogger like I do, make your pages as different as other pages.

Make your content your own. Never use free articles (everyone does and duplicate content will get you banned). Instead, get in the habit of writing original articles daily. Do it in the early morning hours or late at night. Get good at cranking out 250-300 word entries.

Get traffic your way. Read and comment on other blogs. Use LinkedIn and Yahoo answers. Join forums and post regularly. Use Stumblr, Digg and Reddit religiously.

And if there is one thing I can tell which matters - stick with it. Don't stop trying to get more traffic, more clicks, more readers and more money.

Finally, it can happen. You just have to stick with it!

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