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NeedMoney: Why cant I make any clickbank sales?

If the job stinks, or we are short on money and want to finally get ahead financially, many of us jump feet first into the internet marketing and affiliate sales world. And when we do, we naturally are attracted to both proven systems and hype.

Scrape away all the sales letters and squeeze pages and nearly every ebook or digital product has the same pitch:

"Find some good digital products on Clickbank, build a keywork list based around products and start a Google AdWords campaign to drive traffic and sales"

I don't know the numbers, but I have read enough anecdotal evidence to know the results of most attempts.

Most first time affiliate marketers spend a fortune on AdWords and see little if any return on their work.

Most first time affiliate marketers will never sell a digital product from Clickbank.

Most first time affiliate marketers will give up on Clickbank and try some other money making route like Adsense pages or surveys and so on...

And so it goes.. "Why can't I make any Clickbank sales?"

There is no easy answer.

However, I do have a few explanations and theories.

1) Following the old saw and creating an Adwords campaign without fully knowing what you are doing. Adwords is tricky and unless you really understand the best channels for your ads, how to write compelling ads and the rest of the system, many Clickbank affiliates throw hundreds of dollars away the first time out. I did and I know others do as well.

2) Relying on AdWords only. Marketing Clickbank products with AdWords works for some people or there would not be as many guides are there are. However, there are other ways to get sales with Clickbank - Squidoo, Hubpages, USFreeAds, blogs, email lists and so forth.

3) Failing to understand the product being marketed. I once ran a huge promotion for an AdSense guide a couple of years back. I spent about 300.00 on an AdWords campaign and did not sell a single copy. Since I was green, I did not want to gamble the $47.00 for the product and thought I could wing it with the sales page. My goal was to sell 3 or 4 copies, get the money to buy the product and then really crank it up. That does not work, believe me I know!

4) Failing to properly understand key words and phrases. Let's say one wants to market Google Revenge (a good product and investment by the way). A buyer is not going to type into Google "want to buy Google revenge" and come upon your sale page. Sure, some review sites and big name affiliates get sales this way, but you won't so don't bother. Rather, a buyer is looking for the answer to a question which the content in Google Revenge will answer for him - such as "secret to landing pages" for instance. Most Clickbank affiliates fail to grasp this simple concept and keep spending hundreds on their campaigns and marketing the product name rather than the solution.

5) No Clickbank sales also comes down to passion in the sale. If you don't need to lose weight, why are you trying to market a weight loss program from Clickbank? Market products you use or really know the results of well.

Don't forget the most important take away here: Clickbank has some great digital products and good revenue returns. But don't limit your sales to Clickbank only. Try other affiliate programs which are out there as well.

Remember, I have a hard time making any Clickbank sales - so don't feel bad.


NeedMoney? Click Bank Inner Circle

Well, it is going live - The Clickbank Inner Circle.

I just bought in so wait to buy it until you hear from me.

Remember, do not buy it until you hear from me and another one of my super secret bonuses!

That's Clickbank Inner Circle.


Needmoney? Google Conquest is live and expensive!

I am sure you have heard the news.. Google Conquest is live.

Conquest from Alex Goad sounds like a good product.

It is a complete turnkey niche business in a box focused on review sites and CPA ads. Goad hosts your websites on his servers and helps you build your entire online empire.

Google Conquest sounds as impressive as Goad is.

However, the pricing is impressive as well - $997.00 to join! That stopped me there before I went on to check for recurring pricing as part of the package.

Also, Google Conquest is only open to 1000 members. So the scarcity sale tactic will have the doors on Conquest closing later today if they have not already.


You cannot afford Google Conquest...
Could not buy in before it closed..
And are looking for a way to make some money online for the first time...

Might I suggest you take a look at Google Revenge?

I purchased this product of the low price of $37.00 - why that's $960.00 less than Conquest! And Revenge is working for me.

Revenge helps first time and intermediate affiliate marketers of ANY product, digital or real, build quality AdWords ads, effective landing pages and SALES. Maybe the first sales an affiliate marketer has completed!

Check out Google Revenge and let me know what you think. By the way, you can still get the $10.00 discount by visiting the Google Revenge webpage and coming back to NeedMoney Blog. $10 off just like that.

And that is a real Conquest and over 900 bux cheaper!

Check it out..


Google Ambush or Google Revenge? Which is right for you?


Fortunately, I bought both, used both and have the answer for you!

GOOGLE REVENGE is a great product if you are new to internet marketing and are stumped by landing pages, building an opt-in email list and how to get those big affiliate product checks everyone shows on their squeeze pages.

First, selling digital products like those from Clickbank is great, but unless you are happy with one measly sale a month, you are never going to get into the big leagues.

The secret is to build a large opt-in email list and to have subscribers who actually want to buy products from you. GOOGLE REVENGE shows you how.

Next, GOOGLE REVENGE shows you how to build effective landing pages which lead to more sales.

GOOGLE REVENGE will show you how to bond with your buyers which results in a real relationship for big sales!

GOOGLE REVENGE is a neat and original product.

Now, GOOGLE AMBUSH is a different bird altogether. Rather than an e-book, GOOGLE AMBUSH is actually a website with a set of tools for building successful internet campaigns.

First, GOOGLE AMBUSH helps you select great digital products from 1000's you can resell for big internet commissions.

Next, GOOGLE AMBUSH helps you design and build a campaign using AdWords to market the selected digital product.

Best of all, GOOGLE AMBUSH has a nifty tool for designing a landing page to attract sales organically even if you don't use PPC like AdWords! Neat!

And GOOGLE AMBUSH tracks and split tests your efforts. No need to duplicate content or spend hours wondering, "What if?". GOOGLE AMBUSH does the work for you!

GOOGLE AMBUSH is great for the seasoned pro or the curious novice.

I like both products so much, to paraphrase, I bought them both?

Remember, if you buy either GOOGLE AMBUSH or GOOGLE REVENGE you get a discount through NeedMoney Blog!

Simply visit each site, click back to NeedMoneyBlog and BAM! You get a quick discount on either product!



NeedMoney: Google Revenge

So this is the newest product. I just picked it up to see what all the hullabaloo is about.

I have a feeling it is going to be so-so. Don't worry, I gambled MY $37.00 so you did not have too.

$37.00? "I thought it was $47.00?" says a befuddled NeedMoneyBlog reader.

Sure, for everyone else, but not for MY readers.

Click on my link above or here.

Go visit the sales page for Google Revenge.

Then leave.

That's it.


Then the nice operator will give you the super secret no questions asked NeedMoneyBlog discount.

Try it and see.

Then get back to me and let's compare notes on Google Revenge.

See ya!



Only one word I can say right now until November 18th at 12PM - REVENGE.

It's coming.....


Needmoney? Google Ambush Review and Discount!

Google Ambush is live!

Big deal.

Actually, think again. I usually only recommend one or two products a year and this is one of them. So please read every word, click the link and read the sales page and then take advantage of my great offer!

Google Ambush allows new internet marketers and seasoned veterans not only the ability to create sales campaigns but HIJACK other sales campaigns as well. Crafty stuff here!

Once you sign up for Google Ambush, you will be directed to the membership site. There are several key components to learn.

Product Finder
Search a number of digital products (ebooks and guides) with several parameters. You can leave the keyword field open and search by gravity (if you are familiar with Clickbank you should know what this means), Popularity and Product type. I left all the fields open and found digital products and niches I NEVER KNEW EXISTED!

Keyword Finder
After you select your product, use this tool to find keywords for your marketing list. Take a choice of different search engines however it is limited to Google right now. ASK and META TAGS are coming soon.

Campaign Loader
After you have your product and your keywords, build a campaign. If you are familiar with Adwords then this is a no-brainer.

Landing Page Generator
This is a cool feature, especially for those new to internet marketing. Fill in the fields on this special page builder, click a button and BAM! You have a landing page!

Use this nifty tool to track your conversions on Clickbank.

All this a series of videos to help you get started and successful!

Google Ambush rocks!

But wait, before you click this link and check out Google Ambush, please be aware of my special needmoneyblog trial price discount!

Please visit Google Ambush here! Remember it will only work from this link! After the page opens, to to the navigation field on your browser and enter this URL -

Hit return.

Boom! A window will open and offer a special $4.95 intro price for my needmoneyblog friends! That is a $62.00 discount off the normal price! It is a trial offer so quick, get to that link now!

So what do you think?

Leave a comment or click below!


Needmoney: Google Ambush is live!

Still needmoney? Steven Lee Jones has a spanking new product Google AmBush which is worth checking out.

Click here and get the 4.95 limited time Google Ambush discounted trial price! See below for more details!

Forget the big hype $50,000.00 A MONTH and focus on the 50-100.00 a day improvement on your Clickbank earnings. That is where the real money is. If you have been trying to sell one or two CB products a day, then Google AmBush may be what you need to get over the top.

Don't forget! Click here and get the discounted limited time only needmoneyblog special $4.95 price!

How? Click this link to the Google Ambush site using the special needmonyblog discounted link! Once on the page, navigate back (left arrow button on your browser) to needmoneyblog. Wait! A special box and discounted price of only $4.95 appears! That's right - $67.00 to 4.95. Click and get it!

Check it out and let me know what you think, kay?

Tell me what you think!

Leave a comment or click below!


New Products and Giveaways

I always like knowing the latest products out there and the new giveaways. Every week another giveaway opens and two or more great new products hit the marketplace.

Check out these new products and giveaways!

Ultimate Search Engine Loophole

Self Improvement Giveaway 3

Blogging to the Bank 3

Wild Fire Giveaway

Biggest Firesale

Tell me what you think!

Leave a comment or click below!


Need Money: Adding up the numbers

24 domain names.
27 blogs.
12 Squidoo Lenses.
4 Hubpages
160 memberships to social networks
234 articles written and counting.

And every week I add one more domain, 2-3 blogs, another lens and write another 10-30 articles.

OK, so does it add up?

Here is the "freeprint" to making some money on the internet.

First, get some ideas or niches on what you want to write about. Writing is the name of the game here.

Don't bother writing about things that don't make money like flying saucers or your Aunt Milly. Nobody pays anything for something that is not worth money to them in the first place!

Second, don't start with products from Clickbank. My own advice is the market is saturated with people getting started selling links to ebooks from Clickbank.

Rather I would start with other affiliate products - there are lots on Commission Junction for instance.

For topics, avoid those like "make money!" or "turn your computer into an ATM" and concentrate on real topics with potentially big money.

Let me describe how I do this day in and day out.

First, I find some niche topics. I usually focus on anything having to do with the financial industry, medical, legal, or certain industries which have a large, competitive internet presence.

Then I do keyword research with AdWords keyword tool. Sure there are products out there everyone else promotes, but they are not F-R-E-E.

Then I build a list of key words with the highest advertising costs per click. Generally I have a cut off of $5.00 per click or more.

I use my highest keyword paying per click phrases and words to start building blogs. I don't care what they say, I use blogger to build 4 or 5 blogs fast. All have three sets of AdSense ads and at least one search box.

Next, I build a Squidoo lens for each blog. I write a detailed and real lens which covers as much information as that keyword allows.

Then I take my low paying keywords (those that cost .05 to .90, but have a medium search engine presence, say 200-1000 searches a day, and start writing articles for each of those keywords or phrases. I generally will post those articles to ezinearticles and searchwarp.

One set of articles points to the lens, the other to the blog.

Then I register the best keyword phrase I can find which has the highest per click cost. That part gets interesting sometimes, but it can be done.

On this domain I put up a Wordpress blog. I point links from all the lenses and blogs back to this site. On this site I promote my affiliate product.

I move these things around based upon traffic and then spend the rest of the week adding each site to social networks and directories.

On the following Monday, I start over again.

The numbers..

For a typical keyword search, I will build a list of 100 or so keywords, less if I can do it.

I pick the top five CPC keywords and build blogger sites based upon those five keyword phrases only.

I build five lenses for the five keywords.

I write 10 articles using low cost CPC keywords for each blog and lens and mix them between two article directories.

Even if I do not see any affiliate products, I shoot for AdSense clicks with enough traffic. Medical and legal terms frequently pay enough per single click to pay for the entire hosting and domain for one month. Even with a very realistic 1% CTR, I can generally get 5-10 clicks a month with very little work.

With article marketing, I pull in at least $30-40 a month in Adsense earnings per site per month. Add it up and it is not bad recurring revenue.


NeedMoney! Article marketing and ad sense

Look, I don't care what you are trying to do online, there is only one tried and true method for making recurring revenue - Traffic.

If you have a blog with little ad sense ads, you need lots of traffic to make those clicks add up.

If you have a website promoting an affiliate marketing product, you have to get as many eyes as possible looking at your website to make some sales.

Getting traffic can be done a variety of ways:

- Organic search engine. Keywords + search terms + low competition.
- Paying for it.
- Backlinks from other sites.
- Mentions on other sites, in print or other media.
- Marketing in creative ways including Web 2./Social Networking.

OK. So what is this article marketing thing? Articles are the lifeblood of the internet. Every web site needs content or they die. Many sites use free articles on their website. When a webmaster needs articles, they visit one of the thousands of article directories and download a bunch of articles. The promise is when they publish the articles on their website, they will include the author's bio. That bio should include a link back to the author's website.

So your mission is to write articles on popular subjects which will get on lots of other websites. And hopefully generate plenty of backlinks to your blog or website which increases your search engine visibility. And that will increase your ad sense earnings.

But wait there's more.

Writing lots of articles using keywords on niche subjects creates multiple items which turn up in searches for your subject. So the more articles you write with your backlink, the better the chances you have to get your blog or website listed on the front pages of Google and other search engines.

The key is also to pick top article directories to publish on. Some directories have a low Google Page Rank (PR) and that will not translate better for you. Others have top rankings and pass that love on to your site.

On a future post, I will list some article directories I use for increasing my traffic to my sites and thus, my Ad Sense earnings.


Honest Google Nemesis review - Not mine! Update!

Check out Eric's honest review of Google Nemesis here.

Yep, I left a comment there as well. Guess which one is mine.

But hey, I like most of everything else Chris has produced (AdWords Miracle, Day Job Killer, etc) and think the tools for Assassin were a lot of fun as well. I still use them in fact.

Monday update! Guess what? Eric returned his copy of Google Nemesis today! Hmmm.. that should tell you something! OR does it?


NeedMoney? Avoid Google SEO Supervisor!

Updated: March 2009 (originally posted July 2008)

By now, you may have seen a number of referrals to buy a product called Google SEO Supervisor. What is interesting about this product, is whoever created it is heavily marketing it on sites which cater to people looking to "make money" or "need money" which is how I came across it.

(Google the term yourself. I don't want to promote anyone's referral link here.)

What's more, is some pay day loan companies are marketing it to their customers as a way to "get more money online!". Interesting.

Google SEO Supervisor is marketed as a home business kit. I am sure it is a series of e-books, videos and an online forum or website or something.

There a bunch of offers selling the Supervisor product for 4.95 or less. But read the small print... (this is important!)..

"Monthly Service fees will commence 14 days from the date of this purchase, and will be billed monthly thereafter. After the 14 day trial you will be billed $59.90 monthly for the continued service of the website, website software and for the membership...:

There are a number of monthly recurring products available out there. Google Nemesis is $67.00 a month and the creator makes no secret about it.

The makers of Google SEO Supervisor are free to charge whatever they can for their product. I wish they would be a bit more upfront about it. But it remains the purchaser's decision to be aware of what they are getting themselves into when they push the "Enter" key.


Update: Since writing this post, I have an update on Google Supervisor.

Google Supervisor is another product about how to market things with AdWords pay per click advertising program. It is often called "The Google Home Business Kit".

On the "Buy Now Page", check out the Terms and Conditions below the sign up form. The pricing varies for the 7 Day Trial, either 2.95 to 4.95 to start. However, the monthly "membership" still comes in at 59.99 a month!!!

There are plenty of free packages which describe how to make money with AdWords PPC and affiliate marketing and other products which are a reasonable one time charge of $27 or 47.

Google Supervisor or The Google Home Business Kit sounds like a money leaching scam to me. Further, I have yet to read an unbiased positive review of the product backed by proof that Google Supervisor has made money for a customer. Buy Google Supervisor at your own risk.


Google Nemesis is STILL coming

I wrote this post the other day about Google Nemesis, yes the new product by Chris "Day Job Killer", "Affilate Project X" and my favorite, "Google Assassin".

Now NeedMoneyBlog is running in the first page for search results for several key words associated with Google Nemesis. In fact, checking my stats, I show several searchers ended up on NeedMoneyBlog over the weekend because of Google Nemesis.

It would be nice to be paid for that sort of love.

So I shot an email to Chris thinking he might throw me an affiliate link for all of my fine efforts. What did I get?

An autoresponder asking me to file a support ticket.

No thanks. It is sort of like when you call your credit card company or bank and they say "you can also get help from our automated account line" like that is some sort of treat or something. Nope, it's not.

So in 18 hours, 4 minutes and 8 seconds or whenever Google Nemesis goes on sale, all of my fine pre-sale work will get me nothing.

But hey, maybe that's why I always need money!

Here is Google Nemesis in case you were curious about all the hub bub.


Needmoney: Adsense earnings way down

I think it is the summer, this month, user activity on the internet, traffic, etc.

I write and maintain a number of sites. (Please note, I write - most ad sense sites are regurgitated junk articles and gibberish), and my CTR (click thru rate) has been dropping and traffic is off as well.

I don't know why. I have been pinging and posting like crazy but I don't think it is because of effort. I think the summer vacation slump has hit the ad sense/make money online/make money blogging world particularly hard. And at a time when I needmoney!

Okay, there are ways to increase your traffic...

Post more stories to Digg and Reddit for the short term effect.
Visit other readers and writes profiles and sites found on MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog.
Comment on other blogs.
Write more articles and post to Article City and what not.
Write more provocative post titles.

And there are ways to increase your CTR with Ad Sense...

Revise your link and titles on your Ad Sense ads. They need refreshing and testing anyway.
Move your ad sense ads around a bit.
Change the ad sense ad formats (but avoid those ad sense images ads, they just don't work).
Change you blog or web site layout. Add some more pictures or graphics to draw attention to the drive by visitor.
Verify and test your article keywords with Adwords keyword tool. Instead of writing about a "Summer holiday" change to a higher paying keyword like "family Disney vacation" for instance. Your overall ad sense clicks may be lower, but you might as well optimize the payout per click.

Oh well. I can't give up on ad sense now. Just have to work harder!


Google Nemesis is coming

Here is the URL -

Won't go live until July 8, 2008 so put your credit cards away.

The facts:

Google Nemesis is written by Chris McNeeney.
McNeeney wrote the following ebook titles..
AdWords Miracle (bought it).
Affliliate Project X (bought it)
Day Job Killer (bought it).
Google Assassin (bought it and belong to the website, Affiliates Den).

I have mixed feelings about this Google Nemesis. I mean how many times do you need to be shown the old saw.. (find another Clickbank product, start an AdWords campaign, try and make 300,00 a month on the deal)?

First, I am tired of Clickbank products, tired of running a campaign against 3000 other copy cats who will buy Google Nemesis and don't see the benefit any longer of promoting an ebook that Chris admits 130 other people, with far better email lists than I have, will be promoting the bonkers out of.

So here try this (mostly) free idea instead..

- Find some high paying keywords, think medical and legal terms, brand names, fashion, etc.
- Run some keyword patterns using the AdWords tool (free by the way).
- Build a bunch of blogs based around those keywords using Blogger (also free by the way) - put AdSense ads on your site.
- Link all of the blogs together.
- Promote your posts and articles with web 2.0 like Stumbler, etc.
- Write articles and post them on two article directories. Use your keywords.
- Point your bio back to one of your blogger sites.
- Do this for 30 days and watch your AdSense earnings grow.

Notice! No - you will not earn 6000.00 in 30 days. But you may earn 100, 200 or 300.00 in a month or so. It is entirely doable.

Now, come up with say 6 high paying keywords and start building sites.

Do the math.

With enough work you could rake in 500 to 1500 bucks a month. Not bad when combined with you current day job.

You will find yourself thinking of ways to fine tune certain sites which are bringing in more money than others. And your earnings will increase.

Watch for Google Nemesis and purchase if you so desire. I will wait on the sidelines for Nemesis before making my purchase, but based upon my purchase history I will probably end up buying it and kicking myself all the same!


Still need money? Too many giveaways!

I am beat!

I joined every giveaway in the last month (you have seen me post them here) and have signed up and downloaded nearly every piece of free software, every free script, every template and private label rights product out there.

I just checked the directory I downloaded all this stuff to: 1.390 files and 1.06GB of stuff! Holy mackerel! (And it still did not give me the ONE product I needed this week! More on that at the end of today's entry!).

Guess how much money I have made off all of this downloading? Nada, zilch, zip.

Now that doesn't mean I won't and you won't either, just that neither of us will unless we have a plan for all those articles and software.

What's more, why bother downloading that "Instant AdSense website on debt management!" unless you really know what to do with it in the first place? I mean, do you have a domain burning a hole in your wallet every month? Do you have the hosting space ready to go? How about a related affiliate plan you are already approved for?

All things to consider before jumping headlong in the make money online space, you know.

Here's my suggestion. (After all you paid for it!).

Target some niches you know about and like. I tend to stick with products I use OR are in the field I work in. You don't want to know what I made in "AdSense Ready Sites" this past month. But I can tell you I received a four digit (nope no decimal between numbers 2 and 3!) check this past week for referrals on software. A product I know quite a bit about thank you.

Enjoy those giveaways. Sometimes there really are gems out there. But don't get "Giveaway Eyes" (bigger than your hard drive) and take it all. Focus, focus, focus!

In the meantime, this week, I had the chance to build a jiffy two column website for a friend with a hot domain name (organic, 300-500 uniques a day, three hundred bucks a month for ZERO work). My cut? All the Ad---se revenue for me!

The problem? I could not find a two column ad and affiliate ready web template to save my life. One GB of stuff and no two column web template! Aaurgh.

Oh well. Have fun making money online!


Cool giveway just opened! Cool Tools Giveaway!

This was a surprise this morning in my email box. There are actually some neat downloads on Cool Tools Giveaway totally original to this giveaway over any of the others I have told you about this spring.

How about a list builder, a squeeze page template, a graphics resizer and best of all, a Buy Me Drink button for your blog?

Neat stuff worth checking out this Saturday morning. Kill a few hours on your day off and go get some of these downloads at the Cool Tools Giveaway!


Blog Big with MyBlogLog

comdot - MyBlogLog


You use My Blog Log, right?

Well, if you don't, you should. Go to the link above, set up an account and add me as a contact. I will do the same for you and you will get a nifty backlink!

Now, on to MBL. My Blog Log, now owned by Yahoo, is a neat little site for promoting your blog.

First, it's free. Which works well with the theme of NeedMoneyBlog. Now, besides creating a powerful backlink to your blog (you can make the first page of Google searches with your MBL page long before you get one with your blog. I have seen it happen), you are also putting your blog in front of a growing audience which shares your interests.


Some ways to be successful, (on the cheap) with MyBlogLog.

After you set up your profile, use the search box and find some other MBL users whose blogs are similar to yours. Visit their blog. Add them as a contact. Join their community - this is key. Leave them a message and ask them to check out your site and if they find it interesting, reciprocate and join your community.

Whenever you write a really good blog post with really good content, send a quick message to all of your contacts using this feature on MyBlogLog. It is sort of like having a web based opt-in email application.

Remember, write good content . Don't copy someone else's blog or use articles downloaded from some site. They look like junk and nobody is fooled. Also, try to make your writing style natural and less contrived sounding.

Depending upon the size of your list, you might generate a nice burst of traffic to your blog. Just don't abuse this feature. You might lose some community members at best or your account at the very worst.

A little hint about MBL if you have not noticed yet. When you set up your profile, use a picture which will attract attention. Like they say, your first impression is what matters so make that picture a good one. Many users use animated gifs, symbols and yes, pretty women. It seem to work for some so go for it.

If you are on MyBlogLog, be sure to add me as a contact and let me know about your blog. I will be happy to join your community if you return the favor.

If you have not signed up on MyBlogLog, do it today and start building some traffic to your blog!


Hurry! Get Viral Now!

Click here to get Viral Marketing Giveaway 11

Just received this great opportunity for you to a) get free stuff! and b) the chance to add your product to a giveaway and build your list!

I have been telling you about these giveaways for the past week. What you get are lots of free downloads. Most of these are Private Label Rights which mean you can do a few edit and changes and resell under your own brand name.

Free content.

OK, so why giveaway something?

Give away a free report that you wrote, or better, someone else wrote to build your opt-in mailing list.

Opt-in mailing list? That sounds hard.

I gave you an overview how to build an opt-in list the other day.. (here).

You do have to sign up for a few things - an auto responder email provider - the best is AWeber.

And a domain name and hosting account - I use GoDaddy for both and save money

Then read all the wonderful free things you downloaded online, build a free report or e-book, sign up for the Viral Marketing Giveaway and start building your list.

Once your list is up, even if it is only 50 or 60 subscribers, start signing up for other giveaways, directing your list to them, and build some more subscribers.

There is no magic number with opt-in lists other than the standard rules. a) one out of ten buys, and b) a buyer purchases a product after being reminded or told about it seven or more times.

So a list of 200 opt-in addresses may result in 20 buyers. If the product you are reselling has a commission of 50% on 47.00, you are making $23.50 per sale. Now in our world that is good money which we will not kick out of our wallet!

So get over to the Viral Marketing Giveaway 11 and get busy!

More giveaway madness! Lightning giveaway

Here you go! Another giveaway started today.

Lightning Giveaway!

If you are new to making money online or internet affiliate marketing and sales, then these giveaways are the way to go for you. Get free stuff to build products, write help guides, market and build your opt in list.

The Lightning Giveaway is smaller than the other two giveaways I have promoted this month. And many of the products are repeats found on other giveaways. But the purpose of these events is to help new affiliate marketers build their opt in list.

Pay attention to giveaways and join them as they present a future opportunity for you to promote your own free report or book and build your list.

I would like to know what the success rate is for the participants in these giveaways. That would be something good to know.


Need Money Blog! More giveaways!

You know, I love giveaways. I love getting free stuff from internet marketers like e-books, mini site templates, adsense templates, widgets, heck anything.

I have a folder on my drive which I dupe over to a USB drive which I keep all this stuff on. When I am on a plane or have lots of distraction-free time on hand, I start unzipping and reading all this good free stuff.

There are two great giveaways this week. I know what you are thinking! Right after the Greedy Giveaway too! What a great month April is!

First, The Golden Week Giveaway! There are lots of great things waiting to be downloaded here. Now some are repeats of what was available on Greedy Giveaway, but there are some great diamonds in the rough.

Next, on Wednesday, Lightning Giveaway begins. Turns out this is version 4 of the Lightning Giveaway. I guess I was not cool enough to hear about the other three!

Yes. You will have to join a bunch of opt in email lists to get your free downloads.
Yes. You can opt out of those email lists after you get your free stuff. But try and stick around long enough as some of those opt in lists have some neat stuff.

Finally, try and use what you download. There is no harm trying out some of these things as they may bring in some real dough. Like $5, 10 or 20 bucks a month you did not have before. Get four or five of those channels going, repeat and well, you know the rest.

I generally find at least a few good nuggets from these giveaways and put them to work for me.


List builder mania - get List Builder Free

I am on about a billion email lists for making money online. Affiliate programs, adsense tips, etc. Nearly every time I find a great product, I join a mailing list and now I receive emails from well known Internet marketers like Eric Rockefeller, Chris the DayJobKiller, Rich Scheferen and others.

Every time there is a big product launch, I get bombarded with emails to check out the new product. Generally, if I wait a few hours, several of these same Internet marketing experts will start giving bonuses out if I purchase the product through their affiliate link.

A couple of times, I have ended up with some neat stuff, but most comes at too high a price. I had to buy a $67.00 e-book to get the free stuff.

Today, everyone is sending out affiliate emails for List Builder. This is a course from Tellman Knudsen and Shawn Casey which teaches you that you can make more money online if you have an opt-in mailing list.

Before you rush out and buy List Builder, let me tell you what 90% of List Builder covers (in handy bullet point format).

- An email list is an opt-in (subscribers request to be on your email distribution list) email list of persons interested in products you affiliate market.

- An email list is not a spam list. Subscribers asked to be on your email list unlike spam which is unsolicited.

- Generally, an email list is built by giving something away for free in exchange for your subscription. Case in point; before you downloaded anything from the Greedy Giveaway, you joined several emailing lists.

- To build an emailing list you need (well it helps and this is the system Knudsen and Casey will tell you about).. A domain name, a web site, a squeeze page, an auto responder email service and traffic.

- A successful email list makes you money. You learn about a new affiliate marketing product. You get an affiliate link which you email to your list. Your list buys through your affiliate link and you make a percentage of the sale.

- Most affiliate marketers make most of their sales by emailing affiliate marketing products to their list.

- The usual success rate is about one in ten email subscribers will buy a product after 7-10 emails. So if you have 1000 recipients on your list, about 100 will buy the product after being told about it 7 times or so. If you make $35.00 per successful sale, you could make $3500.00 dollars for a few hours of work!

- The trick to successful email affiliate marketing is a) getting people to sign up for your list, b) keeping them on your list and c) writing really good email marketing emails which compel your readers to buy through your link.

- One of the most affective ways to build your email list is through co-marketing or joint ventures. You provide a free product to a well known marketer for their campaign as a bonus and they let you get sign ups for your list when buyers go to get their free bonus. Sounds easy, but harder to get started with than it sounds. Most marketers get their start with campaigns like the Greedy Giveaway.

- To be successful in in email affiliate marketing sales you must consistently provide value and information to your readers.

There, that is most of what you will get in List Builder free of charge.

And what is this worth to you? Guess what List Builder is selling for? List Builder has a purchase price of the small sum of ... $1997.00. Yes, nearly two-thousand dollars! I don't know about you, but that is the price of a good used car where I come from.

If you follow the Need Money Blog regularly, you know that is out of the reach of us for now. So take my advice, reread my list above and figure out the way you can build you own list for cheaper without buying List Builder.

Further, if you go back over to the Greedy Giveaway pages, if they are still up, there are lots of free e-books and products available which can help you build your email marketing list for free!


Need Money! Don't waste money on "make money online" e-books and videos

Since I am into making money online, I spend a great deal of time researching ways to make money. For instance:

- Building web pages with ads (ad sense) and affiliate links, promoting, traffic, etc. (Fun).
- Ad campaigns selling affiliate products from Clickbank and Amazon. (Sort of fun).
- Article writing to generate affiliate sales. (More work, but kind of fun).

Due to my research, I come across lots of make money online web sites which nothing more than sales letters for various products. These products are almost always e-books which promise to teach you "insider secrets" to making money online. They sound great.

Some of these make money products are actually good. Someday, I will share a few with you that I have actually bought and use to this day.

Others are rehashes of older make money online books which often contain out of date information which will do you little if any good. Now, if these e-books are free, like on Greedy Giveaway, than more power to you (get over there fast and get lots of good free stuff now!).

However, if the e-book purchase price is the standard $67.00, than you are getting ripped off. Save your money. Why? Because most e-products are rehashes of the same out of date make money online carp others have been promoting for years.

BUT, if you insist on buying any of these make money online products, here is what you will get for your 67 bux!

- A retelling of how systems like AdWords, Ad Sense, Clickbank, and PayDotCom work (that should eat up 5,8 or 10 pages of content).
- Lots of links to automailer programs like AWeber, webhosting companies like DreamHost, KeyWord tools like Keyword Elite. Each of these links makes the author even more money, by the way (and that should add another 5-10 pages of e-book content).
- A few videos which are primarily comprised of screen shots of the author setting up an AdWords campaign, his ClickBank and PayPal accounts (it looks pretty and shows the technical competence of the author. And it eats up another 5 pages of content).
- How the author has made money promoting a certain e-book or his own joint venture business plan. (I hate this part and it takes up another 3 pages of content).

Now, in the end, you may get 2 or 3 pages of actual new material. Most of what is bought is fluff. I think I am the only person I know who has returned or complained about an e-product I purchased. I have even gotten my money back on a few.

What you don't realize is that those "Big Names in Affiliate Marketing" each have the same formula.

First they write (or rewrite) an e-book.
Then they find a few established partners to promote the book for a hefty affiliate commission (like 75% of the purchase price).
Than they start their campaign and hope to sell a couple of thousand copies of their e-book. While they run their campaign, they are busy collecting email addresses for their list.
Then they take screen shots of the whole affair and include it in a new e-book on making money online which they then promote to their email list.
Rinse, repeat, etc.

So, buy into those big releases with the above in mind.

If you are feeling wary, as you should be, about making money online e-products, e-books and videos, than save the hassle and run over to Greedy Giveaway and get some free stuff today!


Need Money! Greedy Giveaway Part Too

I mentioned the Greedy Giveaway the other day, and as far as I know, I was first! I must have received a half a dozen emails the next day from some of the emailing lists (I am on everyone's email list, but nobody is on mine.. hmmmm. Something not right about that!).

Anyways, so I told everyone about GG when it came out. Since then, I have downloaded about a million pdf pages, a hundred free mini sites, and lots of greaaattt motivational and organizational material. I have been reading for three nights now!

I have to mention, I don't download everything out there. My favorites are how to get more traffic, Adsense tips, layouts, and social networking e-books.

Fact is, any knowledge is good knowledge, but you have to put it into use!

Case in point.

One great e-book I downloaded from the Greedy Giveaway was about blogging and social networking. Now I am a big user of social networks for traffic building. In fact, all of my traffic comes from free social networks.

Social networks drive keyword based traffic to your site. They also create high page rank inbound links to your blog or web site.


I have a low traffic blog in a particular niche. I never thought I would make much off this niche because it was more of a hobby rather than a big money idea.

However, I blogged by chance about a certain form of precious metal investing which annoyed me for some reason this particular day. I then noted my blog post on the following social networks.

- MyBlogLog - by default, no extra work here.
- Digg
- Reditt
- Stumbler
- Blink
- Furl
- Ice Rocket

The last three are new for me. I joined them because of the free e-book I got from Greedy Giveaway.

I checked my stats late this afternoon. I had not one, but three of the first page Google search results for a high paying keyword phrase! All with one Blogger post and the social networks above.

Traffic? Just a few searches a day, but I know it will grow and one or two clicks a day on this site could mean $5 a more in advertising revenue, per day.

You do the math.

Look, the goal at Need Money Blog is to help you make money (cause you need it) with free hosting tools like Blogger, easy to use monetization (like AdSense) and free social networks like Blink, MBL, etc.

And it works.

So, find some keywords, build a blog and start making some coin!


Greedy Giveaway Starts Today (April 10th)!

If you notice, I rarely tell you about "Get this new e-book" which someone is SELLING online. Reason being, I like F-R-E-E stuff.

Free is good and there is lots of free stuff out there, e-books, videos, websites, templates, etc. for the beginner affiliate marketer.

During my research, I found the Greedy Giveaway online and signed up immediately. Why? The GG has plenty of free e-books available for immediate download.

One problem; The Giveaway only lasts for a short time so get over there now!

So far, I have downloaded a new e-book on blogging for bucks (love those), a traffic secrets e-book (read everyone I can get my hands on!), and a few others.

I usually download these books and read them at night after the kids are asleep or on airplane flights when the Internet is not available.

Check out the Greedy Giveaway today! Remember, it's free. And free is good!


Need Money! Get search engines to find you

Okay, so you just finished your ultimate ad laden blog ready to make you some quick cash! You have a bunch a high-paying keyword articles and titles, so now it is just a matter of getting the search engines to take notice, right?

Easier said then done. Right now, Google and all the other search engines have no idea your site exists . Yes, some blog platforms will start sending pings out to the usual suspect sites and eventually, you might pick up some organic traffic. But let's jump start things by getting those search engine spiders to visit your blog.

Remember, Need Money is about doing things cheap (read free!). The only thing we are going to spend is time.

Do you have a Yahoo start page? Or how about a iGoogle? Any homepage you have which features a RSS widget should be the first place you list your new blog. Add the RSS feed to your page and Google, Yahoo, etc. will go out and index your page within 24 or less. Use both Google and Yahoo (and any others you may have) and get your site listed faster.

Sign up for Hubpages and Squidoo. Use all the tags they let you use for your site. Get that 'link to' link directed to your new blog as soon as possible. Both Hubpages and Squidoo have a high Page Rank, which means you will have a high quality inbound link to your website.

Visit some related blogs with a high Page Rank and start leaving (good) comments. Most blogs have a link to the poster's website which the search engine spiders follow meaning your blog gets index faster. Add your comments as soon as possible; try for 10 or so a day at different sites.

Sign up on MyBlogLog. Doing this will get your blog or web site listed and indexed quickly. (Also, take advantage of the tags for your blog. MBL let's you use unlimited tags to describe each of your sites. Use a bunch. I have 40+ for one of my blogs!).

Use Digg and Reddit. Every post must be Dugg and Reddited (if that is a word). As the search engine spiders see those articles on Digg and Reddit, they will follow the links to your blog or web site.

Tag your posts. Use which will link keyword tags to your site.

Also, Stumble your posts as well - same thing.. inbound links which search engine spiders follow and indexed blah, blah, blah.

In short, you are looking for ways to jump start the search engine index process without spending a great deal of time and certainly, without spending money.

Questions: What about search engine submission sites?
Don't waste your time with search engine submission sites. Yes, in 1995 when things were getting going on the Internet submission sites had some value. Now they are nothing more than email address collection services.

What about blog directories?
Yes. These work as well. Butttt... Warning, Will Robinson! Some directories are great. Others are bad places about to be de-listed by Google. If your site is on one of these directories your site may be de-listed as well. You have been warned!


Need Money! Niche, page rank, traffic, profit

A few weeks ago, I saw a news story on a new medical condition. The condition may be caused by a certain medical product and thus, the lawyers are involved now.

Internet marketers know that lawsuits based upon medical treatments are big money. Why? Lawsuits pay big money. That means lawyers are willing to pay big bucks to advertise their services in this market. Thus, adsense clicks can be several dollars each for a publisher. Case in point: Look at all the mesothelioma blogs and web sites which popped up last year as niche marketers tried to get a piece of that business.

So I did what any other self respecting marketer would do, I set up a couple of sites to get a piece of this market.

Here is what I did so I can profit from it online.

1) Register a couple of domain names. I have always used GoDaddy for all my registrations. Surprisingly, with any niche market, there is always some version of the name available and what is neat about GoDaddy is the domain suggestion tool. Sometimes a neat version of your name comes across which you had not thought of.

2) Set up a hosting account. Again, I used GoDaddy because a) I get a discount on my domain registration when I get a hosting account, b) They have a cheap two month hosting plan and c) I am lazy.

3) Build a site using Blogger. Go to the Advanced settings and publish on another server. Note, you have to use Classic Blogger for this to work as the new version only allows you to point a domain at your Blogger site. I like Blogger because it is easy, requires no install and gets my site up fast.

4) Start building traffic - the most important section!
a) Setup a related Lens on Squidoo using keywords for the title. Link to your new website.
b) Do the same with HubPages.
c) MyBlogLog. Add blog or website to your profile.
d) Technorati your site.
e) Add tags and links using Del.ici.ous. etc.
f) Submit story to Digg and Reddit. Even if nobody "Diggs" your site. There is method to this madness and that is inbound high page rank link.

Start posting more content. Ping and tag with all of the above tools.

Check the search engines a week or so later and see where your keywords are. Use a stats program to measure all inbound traffic and keywords.

Where am I at with my new website.
1) I am in the first page of search engine results with 6-7 related keywords.
2) I have about ten high PR inbound links.
3) I am averaging about 50-60 unique impressions a day.
4) Yesterday I hit the sweet spot - $1-3 in clicks.

To make money with click thru ads, the baseline is a 2-3% click thru rate (CTR). 50-60 unique visitors a day will not reach a 2% CTR, so more traffic is needed before I see some revenue off of ads. (Note: You will see ebooks promoting ways to get double digit CTR on niche sites. I am sure there are a few sites which have topped these numbers, but it is an impossibility for most).

Since this is a medical/lawsuit related site, I can expect clicks to safely pay out $1-3 dollars. I will show you some sites with possible pay per click rates in another post).

Time to market? About two weeks.

Amount of work? About two to three hours so far.

Can you do this? Sure! I just gave you the road map and it did not cost you $47.00 like every e-book out there.

Next? As they say, rinse and repeat. Setup 10 or so sites like this and you can make some decent recurring revenue, say $300-1000 a month!

NeedMoney! Squidoo

You probably already use Squidoo. I do and have for longer than you. In fact, I invented Squidoo.

Okay, a little second grade humor for your Thursday online drive to work.

Anywho, so Squidoo. What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

Used to be, when Squidoo started, Lensmasters would build a lens on a single subject ("Laptop bags"). They would then build an incredibly detailed Lens on that subject and spend lots of time updating it and making it purty.

But over time, something happened with Squidoo. Lots of people started using it and many lens were made. And as it happens, the Page Rank, Google's ranking of how godly a website is, for Squidoo became greatly large. As of today, March 27, Squidoo has a PR of 7 of 10 (sounds like a Borg name!).

A PR site of 7 is mondo good for inbound links to your website or blog. And everyone knows that so many bloggers and website operators quickly began building basic lenses designed around keywords pointing back to their "needmoney" website or blog.

End result; increased organic search engine rankings which means many will find you and click ads, buy stuff, signup on lists, etc.

So your mission, should you decide to accept it?

Go build many lenses today and commence pointing them at your web site or blog!

NeedMoney! One post or page? Which is best?

With blogs, each post you make should have a header page which acts as a link to the blog post. For instance. this post's title "NeedMoney! One post or page? What is best?" is the link to this blog post.

Now in the blog to web page world, a blog entry is a single web page. And remember, that each web page is a channel for you to generate revenue. So if you are running affiliate ads, signups or context ads, each page's unique content is viewed, by the search engines as a separate web page. And that means the potential for more money.

So, if you are running a blog like NeedMoney, should you put one blog entry per page or multiple?

Search engines are going to find your blog entries by the anchor text, title, header and keywords, both in the body and tagged. They they will display the title post of your blog as the link to the keywords or search terms.

So regardless, they are going to get to your blog whether you have one post or twenty on your blog.

For aesthetic reasons (AdSense ad units), I limit my blog posts to two per page FYI. It works for me and I seem to find organic search traffic using this means.


Need Money! Ain't gonna happen

So you are checking the bank account and see you are a tad bit short this month? Or maybe you have a car payment coming due? Or maybe a credit card bill?

So you think to yourself "I need to figure out a way to make some extra money."

The next thing you know, you are on the computer and type in "needmoney" thinking you will find a plethora of neat ways to make cash online. After all, you have heard about all those people who are making lots of green stuff online and you figure you are going to get some too, right?

Before long, you end up on a site like this one. Sure it sounds like a great deal; build some web pages, stuff them with content off the Internet and watch the AdSense checks roll in.

There's a problem with your logic (don't feel bad. Lots of others have the same problem). Everyone else is trying to do the same thing. So you have hundreds if not thousands of folks trying to build a dozen MFA (Made For AdSense) sites thinking they are going to start getting multi-thousand dollar checks every month.

And then there is the economy of scale. What this means is somebody in a third world country is able to pump out thousands of these types of sites a month using cheaper labor than you can dream of. Why? Because if he is successful, those AdSense checks go much further where he lives than where you do.

So that hour or two you put into building your web pages and blogs is nothing compared to the hundreds of hours your competition is devoting to the cause.

So in a nutshell - "It ain't gonna happen."


Unless you think more creatively.

For starters, one word: Originality. Original layout. Original content. Original traffic strategy.

For Originality, even if you use Blogger like I do, make your pages as different as other pages.

Make your content your own. Never use free articles (everyone does and duplicate content will get you banned). Instead, get in the habit of writing original articles daily. Do it in the early morning hours or late at night. Get good at cranking out 250-300 word entries.

Get traffic your way. Read and comment on other blogs. Use LinkedIn and Yahoo answers. Join forums and post regularly. Use Stumblr, Digg and Reddit religiously.

And if there is one thing I can tell which matters - stick with it. Don't stop trying to get more traffic, more clicks, more readers and more money.

Finally, it can happen. You just have to stick with it!


NeedMoneyBlog! How to make money with Adsense

How to make money with Google AdSense.

How much money do you want to make with Google AdSense should be the real title.

For instance, I have had website and blogs which used one of the following money generation channels.
- Google AdSense
- Amazon
- Clickbank
- Commission Junction
- Kontera
- AdBrite
- Azoogle
- AuctionAds

The above list also represents the channels by which I have made the most money online.

I have made more money from Google AdSense than I have from Kontera for instance. So I use AdSense on all of my sites now and only use Kontera on one or two.

To make money with AdSense, you have only two choices to make. Either one site or more and how much work do you want to do?

For instance, I checked this week and I now have over 70 sites running in one form or another right now. Of those, only about 6-7 make me any significant money (anywhere between 1-5$ a day is my rule).

Some of you may be saying, "One or two dollars a day? That's nothing!". True. But if you have 5 sites making that much a day then you are making potentially some decent money. Especially if the work, the content you create is only taking an hour or so a day.

Back to making money with Google AdSense.

First, build a site. I think the fastest way is to use blogger. AdSense is already integrated into the layout, so all is needed is a niche idea and some original content and you are off.

Next, get some traffic. "Right!" says the average reader. "Do you know how hard traffic is to generate?" Yep, I do. The hard way.

Start simple. To get traffic try this:
- Build a Squidoo page (see upper right hand corner for mine) and link it to your new web page. Squidoo pages will stream some traffic and a high ranking page ranked site to your new web page or blog.
- Build a Hubpage. Same as above.
- Register with MyBlogLog and get a few more hits a day.
- Stumble every page. Everyone underestimates this, but I get anywhere between 50-80% of my daily traffic for some of my sites from Stumblr.
- Tag all of your pages with, Furl and others. I get a few hits a day this way.
- Digg and Reddit good blog posts on these web sites. Some can generate some good traffic your way if your article is decent.
- Comment post to other blogs and forums. You can also increase your page rank this way, too.

Okay, build that blog and fine tune it for traffic. I always put my AdSense ads (in full compliance with their TOS, of course) in these spots.
- Top left
- Right column
- Between postings
- Search box on top right (never forget about this little gem).

That is it. Anymore is overkill. Don't use those bottom of the page horizontal ads. They blow your per-click earnings and no body clicks on those ads.

Okay, so you built the site, went it worked on traffic and have your ads set up. So now what?

One problem many make is they choose a niche market that a) they know nothing about, b) everyone else is doing (lots of competition) or c) they know something about, but it has not intrinsic value (no traffic or advertisers). The end result is no money.

Attack each of these problems individually.

a) Choose a niche you have some knowledge about or at the very least, are interested in.
b) Watch the competition. Everyone is doing pay day loans, student loan assistance, mortgages, credit card offers, gambling, insurance and the crowd favorite medical/legal lawsuits and settlements. Why? Because they make money. The per click payment may be 2,5, 10 dollars or more. So watch the competitive space.
c) Esoteric topics may be of interest to you, but most do not make any money. Some may be in violation of Google Adsense's Terms of Service. So to make money, find topics based upon products people would actually pay for.

Most important of all, stick with it. Have fun with your blogs and websites. You will find with each twenty-eight cent click you get excited about fine tuning and creating more content for your blog!


Floodle - New Floodle e-Product

Floodle finally posted a new product! Check it out at! For the first time since last November, Floodle posts a new free e-product for download. I have found some neat, if not slightly out of date, e-products on floodle which are worth downloading - for free!


Need Money! how can I make money using adsense context links

I hear this question a lot? "How can I make money using adsense links?".

Google AdSense is neat because it is the largest, most successful and easiest to use context advertising revenue generating product on the Internet. There I said it. Challenge my claim...

Here is my road map to make money using Google AdSense context advertising links.

1) Decide upon a topic you know about and enjoy writing about.

2) Set up a blog. I like blogger but Wordpress is favored by many other bloggers.

3) Layout your template. I argue that the layout is not as important as others say. Content is so desired on the internet that nearly any web site, "with good, regularly updated content" can make money.

4) Place AdSense ads on the top between the Header and the first blog entry, along the left or right side and between article entries.

5) Start posting using keyword driven entries "How to write a legal will", "How to get a low cost airline ticket", etc.

6) Use social networks, article directories, comments and SEO planning to build inbound links, traffic and search engine rankings.

7) Keep posting as much as possible with original content - do not use generated articles or reprints!

8) Set an easy target of .10 to .25 per day in AdSense revenue and build up from there. Try and setup a few blogs per week each with the same goal. The goal is to get to $1-3.00 per day within 30 days.

There, you are on your way to making money online using adsense contextual advertising links. It can be done.

And for those who scoff at $30.00 per month, remember that most people never make more than a few dollars a YEAR online if any.

Stick with it!

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