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Need Money! Stumbling around the 'Net

Okay, so you are still looking for traffic?

(Remember the system?...
Build site
Get traffic
Have revenue opportunities on site

Remember, this applies to blogs, affiliate sales sites, adsense sites, etc..)

Getting traffic is still that tricky thing, isn't it?

Yesterday, we talked about article marketing and the effect it can have on traffic to your site.

However.. I cautioned that article marketing may have a loooonnng lag time before traffic shows up on your door.

So what traffic tips are available for the impatient, gotta-have-it-right-now make money online(r) that you are?

Have you seen StumbleUpon, yet? Of course you have, who hasn't?

But go open another window and check out the Stumble Upon website. Scroll way down to the bottom.

Click the link which says 'Advertisers'.

Yep, that's right. You can pay StumbleUpon to put your site up front for traffic.

I have always used the remote control/channel surfing analogy when describing StumbleUpon. It's like you are sitting on the couch clicking through one channel after another trying to find your television genre of choice.

With StumbleUpon advertising, you can capture those Stumbling 'Net site surfers by topic and grab their eyes at once.

How much does it cost? 5 bux to start!

How can I pay? Paypal!

But does it work? I used it on my celebrity blog and scored 100 hits in about an hour. It was great for "raising awareness" (but I did NOT profit or break even on AdSense or other revenue for my site when I ran my one and only campaign for this particular site - my bad not StumbleUpon. NeedMoney is honest if anything!).

But, some of those visitors did return. And if you need a bump to get the traffic flowing, you cannot beat StumbleUpon for generating some quick traffic.

Your call. Gamble a fiver and see if StumbleUpon draws some traffic your way.

Caveats - traffic depends upon your site, naturally. That earwax removal tool you are affiliating may not get some high traffic marks from StumbleUpon readers, but you never know!

Until next time, "Keep making money online!"

PS - update on the 30 Day Challenge later today! Ya'll come back now, y'hear!

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