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Need Money! Recurring revenue rocks!

Albert Einstein allegedly said that "compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe".

Whether his saying that is true or not, I contend that compound interest is the "co-most powerful force in the universe".

Recurring revenue is just as powerful.

So you have a web site or blog which you need money from. The fast method is stick those AdSense ads on and wait for clicks.

The next step up is an affiliate program which may result in %25-75 of the sale. Good money if you can get it.

But the real make money online Nirvana is the recurring revenue slam.

For years, big money makers have seen the value of recurring revenue to their make money online plans. What they do is find products that result in monthly returns after purchase.

Popular products include web hosting (GoDaddy, Dreamhost) or mailing list software ( AWeber. ).

When a visitor clicks on and signs up for one of these products, the web site publisher generally makes an upfront commission and then receives a MONTHLY COMMISSION for each month the customer continues to subscribe!

So no matter what you do, as long as that buyer remains a customer of the web hosting company or mailing software service, you will still receive a check, every month.

Now that is powerful.

And with each sale, even if it is only one per month, your recurring revenue continues to grow!

So, as well follow the model of build, include revenue, traffic and profit, discover recurring revenue producing products which will make many happy returns for you and your bank balance.

Until then, keep making money online!

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