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Need Money! Project Pay Day

You have probably been bombarded with the Project Pay Day offer today or yesterday.

Making $40, 50 or 80 dollars a day sounds pretty good for a few hours a day of work. You know, sitting around the house watching TV when you could be making some decent gas and grocery money online?

However, looking at Project Pay Day, I can't see how this would work.

I signed up tonight hoping to figure out how PPD works.

Basically, you sign up and promote a few products online. If you get any sales, you make a one time commission. Okie dokie. But the specifics of "how" you make those sales look pretty vague to me.

Alsoooo, take a look at the sale page. Nearly every testimonial is from a MySpace generation type. That leads me to believe that PPD requires a lot of time online doing busy work (young people living at home have more time than us working folks!) OR requires a large degree of active, Web 2.0 direct marketing.....

"Hi, do you want to add me to your MySpace friend list? Cool! Hey dude, here is a great deal on hoodia! Do you think your mom wants some?"

After spending about 15 minutes on PPD, I dropped the idea for now.

When getting started with making money online, it is *tough* to make decent money up front at first. Not without hard work and an original idea to carry you.

Until the real pay day, keep on making money online!

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