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Need Money! Article writing marketing 101

I have mentioned article marketing as a way to build traffic and make more sales for affiliate products. Does it work? Yes or no, I will find out.

I have been reading a number of tutorials and personal experiences online about article marketing and whether or not it can actually help you make money online. Advocates say it is a proven and low risk method which actually works.

Article marketing experts suggest the following hints to really be successful at article marketing:

- Write several articles daily.
- Post to at least two article directories.
- Make the articles different with each article directory. (Google favors this approach for direct traffic to your article - makes sense).
- Write articles with particular focus on keywords.
- Write articles with subject material based upon keyword searches of same product. Often called the long tail approach.

I think someone could spend an entire day writing articles to build traffic. But one of my questions was, "What quality should you focus on?".

Free article directories provide web sites with free content. Those web sites are generally not the Harvard Business Review or the New York Times. Quality of writing, while useful, is not a requirement.

The author who creates the most articles is a requirement for success however.

So get busy writing and posting those articles, toot sweet!

And then, start making money online!

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