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Need Money! Affiliate Marketing stinks - CB Affiliate Formula

Does it?

Sure. If you consider this scenario.

On September 18th, I received an email from Chris of Day Job Killer fame telling me about the new ClickBank Affiliate Formula product from Andrew Fox.

"Oh boy" I thought. "A new product I need to check out".

The ClickBank Affiliate Formula sales letter looked good so I thought, "This might be fun to resell. I'll bet it will be a big seller!". I imagined moving a hundred copies in the next 30 days. That would be over seven grand at the discounted price!

Next came the hype and hoopla! Everyone was buzzing about this new product. All the big names were flooding their opt in lists with more offers and add-ons.

So I went to get an affiliate link to start promoting this product. Sorry, affiliate sales are not available unless you are a super joint venture partner like Chris or Eric Rockefeller or the Internet Whiz Kid or one of the other super stars whose list I subscribe too.

O.K... then the only was I can get to resell the product is if I buy it and get an affiliate link.

But I can't tell from the sales letter if that is possible or not. Do I gamble the $77.00 and find out? (My dream is to one day pay for the purchase of a product with two sales - just two sales).

Before I do, let's play devil's advocate. Say I do buy ClickBank Affiliate Formula and a run out to promote it. The big dogs have already spammed the internet with CBAF and I might be lucky if I get ten clicks and one sale.

Most of the big affiliate marketing players have huge lists - 1000, 5000, sometimes over 50000 opt in email addresses.

Note: These heavy hitter list holders count themselves lucky if they can pull in 1-2% close rate from their list.

And what's more, these same big time internet marketing affiliates put up their own sales letter page under their own domain name, (, etc).

Because they often have a "heads up" on you and all of the rest of the competition, they know the product name and build a professional website to sell the product days before you even hear about it.

So you and I, late to the game and with stars in our eyes of making the big splash and receiving the $1000.00 Clickbank check might as well head over to Walmart and see if they have any part-time jobs opening!

Which brings me to my conclusion, Affiliate Marketing stinks.

How can you, me or anyone else become successful at affiliate marketing?

Easy. Do it different.

That is what products like Clickbank Affiliate Formula miss. Even Chris of DayJobKiller fame teach readers to "stick with what works, rinse and repeat", blah blah blah.

These folks should check out Yaro Starak. He writes a blog, builds an audience and then and only then does he hit them up about a product "some" of his readers "may" be interested in.

I'll bet his close rate for some offers is small, but the return rate is 0%.

Affiliate Marketing does suck. To be successful at making money online, you and I have to find a different way and path to make it work.

Until next time, keep on making money online!

(And if you haven't yet, purchase Clickbank Affiliate Formula here ! only two more copies and I pay for mine!

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