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Need Money! 30 Day Challenge - Headaches

As I noted earlier, I had a few technical problems with my website install.

First, I decided to go with a Wordpress blog for my 30 Day Challenge domain,

The nightmare turns out to be installing Wordpress.

As you can see here, I have been using Blogger for many years. I have had two Wordpress blogs before, but one was the free option ( and the other was installed with my other hosting provider - Yahoo. (Fast install by the way).

For instructions on installing Wordpress with a hosting provider like GoDaddy, I have been following some great instructions recommended by ProBlogger, Darren Rouse. The link is here - (give credit where credit is due!).

The problem is most Wordpress tutorials are for the default, boring, blue Wordpress install. Naturally, I would like a customized install and therein lies the problem!

So far, I am working on the template install in my templates file. The problem I have run into with Wordpress is the .php file extension. Windows looks at that .php extension like a chicken would at a moon rocket - "What the heck is that?".

MS finds all sorts of ways to make things difficult, but also has some shortcuts (not deserving of the term hack). I changed the wp-config.php file to a .txt extension so it could be edited.

Next, I had to translate what Wordpress referred to as a "username, password and userhost" vs. what GoDaddy named them. As the instructions say, "Your web host provider can give you this information".

Yes they will, after about 24 hours in email to the technical support department.

But let me quit whining. I have figured it out and now have to load this thing up and start posting and customizing (read: add make money widgets).

Hopefully, the next post on the Need Money Blog will have a link to the new website.

See you then!

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