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Need Money! 30 Day Challenge continues....

Yesterday, I announced the domain I plan using for my 30 Day Challenge,

The site is still not up so feel free to verify that there is no site under that name. Further, I will do my best to verify that indeed, this site will have been made from scratch per the terms I set last week!

The latest update!

I will be setting up the website on GoDaddy, my hosting and domain company. Now a few have recommended that you keep your hosting and domain companies separate for a number of reasons.

In order to keep this simple, I will use GD for both, but have the option of moving the site if need be.

I have a plan for the website once I have a few questions answered from GD (it is my own doing - I need to setup a SQL database, but have some simple questions - expect a full explanation in tomorrow's post!

Until then, keep trying to make money online and follow the 30 Day Challenge!

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