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NeedMoney - Making Money Online (pt 2).

Yesterday, I noted several means to making money online which are quite popular today.

One strategy I mentioned, but did not fully explain, was the concept of "domain real estate".

If you are familiar with the Internet, you know what domains are -

Domain real estate takes the idea that a domain name is like a neighborhood. Some names, like neighborhoods are worth more than others. An thus, like real estate, there are plenty of speculators who gamble that a name might be worth more than the cost of registration.

How does it work?

First, research keywords. Take a topic, or niche market and check for websites and search terms using Google. In our case, let's use the ever popular weight loss.

Now add the long tail. quick+weight+loss, winter+weight+loss, fast+weight+loss.

If any of these terms have significant searches or related websites AND a version of the term is available as a "" extension, we run over to GoDaddy and register the name.

At that point, we can use a free hosting account with GoDaddy or we can set up a Wordpress blog.

Build some thoughtful and well done content and put up your initial site.

At this point, you can start building traffic to the site, say for 30 days, or you can put the site and domain up for sale on EBay. Obviously, sites with traffic and ad revenue have a higher value than a new site without a Google PR or traffic.

However, with the work you put in, you are looking for a $100-200.00 sale or more for the site. Some domain real estate flippers are happy making as little as $40 or 50.00 per sale because they move so many sites and their costs are offset even with this small amount of profit.

As they say in the make money online business, if it works, rinse and repeat with more domains and websites!

A successful domain real estate flipper can earn a four figure income monthly income if they are fast and good at research.

So, just when you thought you had your arms around the make money online thing, along comes another great idea!

Confused? Don't worry, most of us are and will continue to muddle through this quest until we have joined the ranks of the superstars who truly, "Make Money Online!".

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