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Need Money! The Need Money Challenge

Okay, so the Need Money Challenge is more a make money online challenge for me, but it should be interesting to watch.

I picked up a few domains recently and decided to do a very public demonstration on NeedMoneyBlog on how to start from scratch and make money online.

Here are the rules:

1) The site has to be brand new and have no existing traffic.

2) I have to build a site myself, no outsourced work.

3) I have to market and brand the site.

4) No AdSense templates or canned websites. It must be as original as possible.

5) The site can be a blog or a traditional website.

6) The site must make money online within 30 days.

7) I can use any means to make money online including AdSense, affiliate sales, banners and text ads.

I will announce the specifics of my make money online challenge this next week.

It should be fun! Who knows? If it goes well, I might create a contest open for anyone to challenge my results!

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