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There has been a lot of press and email flying back and forth regarding "AdSense optimized web sites".

Basically, an AdSense optimized site is "generally" a template site with generic content and strategically placed AdSense ads designed to pick up quick, regular revenue for the web site owner.

After AdSense was first released, this seemed like a good idea. With automated web site building software, an individual could throw up literally hundreds of sites over a weekend. With a low expectation of say, $1-3.00 AdSense dollars a day, one could potentially make $100-300.00 a day. Good money.

The problems are multitude to this approach.

1) Most web sites, even good ones, make very little money from AdSense, (when compared to other revenue sources). John Chow - Make Money Online for instance, who regularly reports all of his web site revenues, recently reported he made about $700.00 in one month from AdSense; a little over 20.00 a day. Mind you, this is $700.00 out a monthly take of over $10,000.00. Please note, John works constantly on his site, posts regularly and has thousands of hard core readers. Yet his AdSense revenue is moderate at best.

Now think how this will apply to your boilerplate web site with nominal and infrequent content updates. You would be lucky to earn $1-3.00 a MONTH with this sort of site. (Believe me, I know from first hand experience).

2) Google regularly "hunts" down and delists AdSense template web sites in the name of "improving users Internet experience". Basically, Google, the world's number one search engine, sees template sites as garbage and by delisting them, removes the possibility of a casual surfer from finding your site (and your AdSense ads).

3) With the above in mind, Google has been known to remove AdSense accounts from holders of template web sites. There are legions of stories of AdSense account holders with hundreds of dollars in pending payments finding their accounts disabled and their revenue gone.

4) Template web sites are by trade, boring. Internet surfers expect more from a web site and your make money online web site is not what they are looking for.

Solution: You are better off registering a few domains with subjects you are actually interested in and knowledgeable about.

Another note: There are many programs and advocates of building "free" AdSense optimized sites using Blogger, Squidoo, Wordpress and other Web 2.0 web based products. A word to the wise, these generally fail and look worse than any AdSense template site.

Better to stick with a tried and true method rather than the short cut to failure.

Until next time, make money online!


Mido said...

Hi Jack,

This was very nice topic. I hope to find topics about ways to increase traffic to your site.

Mido from pimpmycash

JD said...

Mido - Thanks for stopping by. I hope you stick around and check out the make money challenge. It should be fun!

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