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Project Black Mask review

Unless you have been under a rock, everyone in the affiliate marketing world is talking about the new e-book Project Black Mask.

Chris McNeeney (yes he of DayJobKiller, AdWords Miracle and others) is promoting this particular product yet he did not actually pen this tome. Allegedly, more than "4000" copies of Project Black Mask have been sold which compares to several of the other products Chris has been associated with in the past.

Here is the skinny on Project Black Mask:

1. It is not for inexperienced Internet marketers or webmasters. Period. Do not get fooled by the "millions from AdSense" hype surrounding Project Black Mask's sales page. You must know what you are doing or you might have your AdSense account disabled and have your sites "grayed out" by Google.

2. In order to take full advantage of the techniques recommended in Project Black Mask, you will need a number of other tools which will cost you money. Possibly a lot of money. Be warned now.

3. The material in Project Black Mask is not easy to understand much less use unless you have extensive Internet marketing, SEO and website building experience.

Most of these points are a surprise because Chris (the force behind Project Black Mask) has penned some great starter and intermediate Internet marketing e-books such as DayJob Killer, Project X and AdWords Miracle.

Be careful when you read the review sites for Project Black Mask - most are sales letters with poor grammar, spelling and are authored by writers who evidently have not read the material.

Thanks to Ethical Internet Marketer for the great review on Project Black Mask.

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