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Affiliate Commandments

A great new ebook just released (for the low, low price of only 9.97!) with some definitive information on affiliate marketing.

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I purchased this great ebook five minutes after it hit the 'Net!

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Using AdSense

I just spent an hour or so looking for websites which featured good information about monetizing your blog or website with AdSense.

What I wanted was a website which gives honest advice on how to increase your AdSense income. For instance, suggestions on ad placement, colors, ad types which increase CTR, Google advice, that sort of thing.

First, most of the websites were.. discouraging. That is a nice way to put it.

Here is the layout of the typical AdSense advice site.

Free website or blog hosting platform like Blogger. No problem there, Need Money Blog is hosted on Blogger.

Numerous AdSense blocks.

Two blog entries or articles in history.

Recently created site or not updated in several months.

Articles are scraped from AdSense FAQ or from other website.

A few other banner ads or affiliate links (most to Joel Comm's AdSense Secrets - sorry Joel, but it's true!).

Nothing new or different.

That stinks if you are new to moneitizing your website or blog. You are searching for real information and can only find junk.

If this sounds like you, here is a gem of a site I read regularly.

Nope, no referrals or affiliate money on this link! Just good information you can use.

Make Easy Money with Google - Eric runs a very good site with real information on using AdSense on your blog or website.
I read it every day and it is fun to watch and learn from his tests and experiments with AdSense.

Yes, Eric occasionally sells an ebook, but he has written a few himself and they are quite good.

I suggest you take a look at his site and see what sort of good information you can glean.

Keep in clicking those links!


March revenue

Let's take a look at March revenue for all of our affiliate programs.

AdSense - 3.49
Kontera - 1.34
Auction Ads - 0.00
Amazon - 5.36
Azoogle - 0.00
Commission Junction - 0.00
Clickbank - 0.00
Total March 2007 - 10.19

Not great, but revenue is revenue, right?

AdSense can always be better. AdSense revenue should be enough to pay, at the very least, your hosting bill. They keys to successful AdSense revenue are:
- relevant and original content
- high paying keywords
- proper ad placement and count
- traffic volume

I cringe when I read about websites which have a 6-8% CTR (click thru rate) for AdSense. I can't ever seem to get those sorts of numbers.

Also, always be careful about ad placement and number of AdSense ads per page. I have read horror stories about sites which have to many AdSense units and thus have clicks not counting.

Kontera has been steady, but low paying. The key is to find that high paying keyword with content which generates high CTR. I have had a few keywords in the $.25 range, but not many - most are in the $.03 - .07 range.

Auction Ads
I would love to see the first month numbers for Auction Ads. Because it is a Shoemoney property, I know it is successful, but I have not had much luck with the program.
I think the problem with some of my sites is content which does not relate well to Auction Ads products.

My highest paying program yet. The numbers are down from Febrary ($8.57 in earnings), but still respectable because I only have Amazon running on three sites right now. With Amazon's new Context Links, I wonder how my revenue may rise next month?

I have just started actively pushing Azoogle on one of my sites, so it is not fair to truly compare it with my other programs. If I can find the right CPA ads, I think I can significantly increase my earnings with Azoogle.

Commission Junction and Clickbank
I have two websites with which I have included CJ and I fully expect it to take off in the next month or so. Reason? There are some great products which are only available through CJ such as Crocs and Lucky Jeans. Both of which are high paying, yet hard to crack markets. Give me time...

Clickbank is only ebooks which I am promoting barely. I have a few referrals running right now, but in the past I am been very successful with CB and ebook sales.

Let me temper my earnings by noting that I am not running AdWords or other marketing program for my sites right now. I think the numbers would be substantially higher if I increased my online marketing.

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