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Why I started my Squidoo Lens on Need Money

What is all about...

Who doesn't want to find a way to generate extra money or replace their current income?

The internet has plenty of websites promoting products full of glowing testimonials and screen shots of bulging accounts. I find about a half dozen of these sites a day. Some are similar and others are wildly different.

What I did not understand was WHERE do and get all of those neat web pages, autoresponders, software packages and other stuff they use? And HOW can I get them for my OWN big ideas?

My quest began!

I have combed through ALL of the websites out there FOR YOU and have located some of the BEST affilate products and plans available on the Internet. I have also located all those neat tools, tricks, hints and tips which other Affiliate Marketers and Internet Marketers keep hidden in their bag of online tricks!

So remember, if you want to QUIT YOUR DAY JOB and FINALLY have the life YOU DESERVE - you can either hope someone you know leaves you a bunch of money or you can GET STARTED HERE TODAY!

How to use my Squidoo Lens, Need Money

Be sure to read the my Secret Affiliate Marketing List and learn the tricks of the pros.
P.S. I have a back up copy here! Secret Affiliate Marketing List

Read the Buzz of the Day and find out about the latest news and products in the world of Internet Marketing.
P.S. I love Buzz of the Day! It is my favorite entry to write every morning!

Check out the Affiliate Marketing Tips for hints most Internet Marketers keep super secret!

Look at some of the products listed - they will give you an idea what Internet Marketing is about.

Add a Blurb at the bottom of the Lens and let me know what you think! Make sure you add a link to your Lens!

Disclaimer: I cannot promise any of the systems, products or websites noted on this page will deliver the results promoted by the author.

I can promise that you will love Internet and Affiliate Marketing! Just Get Started!

To your success!


Need Money?


I write Need Money - a Squidoo Lens I started right about the time was getting Squidoo off the ground.

Wait? What is Squidoo? Squidoo is Seth Godin's latest brain dump where Experts meets Web2.0. Sort of like a

Check Squidoo out and get a Lens today!

Why ? Because all of us at one time or another Need Money. Whether it is for the basics, (rent, food, bills) or for extras (like FUN!), we need that green stuff to make things happen.

The neat thing about the Internet is there are *1000's* of ways to make money online!

I have been tracking, researching and testing hundreds of the great products out there which help you make the money you need.

I mean, why go to all the trouble of figuring out, "Is this website/product/pitch for real? Can I really make $300-500.00 a month just off ?" (yes, but that is another post!).

Here is how it works. I post a few different things every day. Usually one about a new product I call Buzz. Next, I recommend a hint, tip or just plain advice on how to make money using a proven means, (like ) but also through and .

Finally, I maintain a *super secret* (shhhh) list of making money tricks that only the pros use. You get that from Need Money for free!

So check back often - bookmark this site - Digg it - Del.ici.ous it - you know, the usual!

Until then, to your success!

P.S. And Just Get Started!




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